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Eva: Sorry chuck can we do this somewhere else, my heels are stuck in the mud


Chuck: ok, blair told me all i had to do was push this button, hand over the bag, and run.
Eva: Then what happens?
Chuck: Don't worry about it. We'll all be happy.


Chuck: Here's your plane ticket home.


C: I went hunting just for you Eva.
E: ....Eww! Why is Jenny's head in the bag?
C: Looks like we'll be having raccoon for dinner my love.


Eva: Chuck, this Dick in a Bag thing just isn't funny anymore.


Chuck: See this cartier bag? Yeah can you put it over your head?


Chuck: Here, I got us designer condoms!
Eva: ...


chuck: i got u some present.
eva: a Cartier? i never get such an expensive gift! NEVER! thanks chuck.
chuck: ...actually eva, it is my sex tape with blair, thought that u might want to have one so that we can improve our position while doing sex.


Chuck: So if I can´t get rid of you, maybe Cartier does.


Eva: Henry, sorry Chuck, I appreciate the thought, but it just wasn't a surprise. You carrying that Cartier bag around all afternoon was a bit of a give-away.

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