Gossip Girl Caption Contest 136

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Welcome to the 136th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

Your Caption Contest winner is DamonElena♥FTW. Nice job!

We don't normally go that route, but we do love The Vampire Diaries. This week's honorable mentions go out to Kara24, Scarlett 79 and Firework.

Thanks to all for playing and best of luck again next week!

Cheva Pic

Chuck: ... and so, like I promised you, here's your vervain necklace. I had it hand crafted by that witch... Donnie is it?
Eva: Bonnie, Chuck.. It's Bonnie.

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Al in germany

Ed: (thinking) Glad I insisted on being stood on a hill. Maybe I can get them to do the same next scene I'm in with Blake.


Chuck: Here's 50 bucks how would you like to make my label whoring, attention seeking 95 pounds of girly evil ex-girlfriend jealous?


Chuck: It's my dick in a box! Yeaaah, it's my dick in a box, girrl!
Eva: When I said you vaguely reminded me of Justin Timberlake, I didn't expect this...


Eva: I am sorry Chuck but unless the Elder Wand is in that bag then I don't want to se it!
Chuck: (Closes Bag) Well then nevermind...


Chuck: I'm going to pull out a watch from this, and you're going to be really impressed with it. But instead of kissing like a normal dating couple, you're going to hug me like a happy sister, or worse, a happy daughter. Ready? Set...Go. Eva: ...what? Chuck: *sighs* It's a lot more fun with someone that can act...


Haters, you amuse me, you can't possibly think I care about what you think. I don't even know you and you don't even know me. Why would I care? You hate me? That's your problem if you wanna hate someone in the internet not knowing them.


Chuck: *thinking* okay so I cut a hole in a box, put my junk in that box, make her open that box... Eva: "WOW! thats...amazing! this is the greatest gift ever!" Chuck: "No! This isn't for you. I just wanted to see if you think Blair will like it for our hate sex tonight."


Eva: Why are we in the woods?
Chuck: It's not like I'm ashamed that I'm disguising Keeping Up With the Kardashians DVDs in a Cartier box.


So I wasn't the only one thinking Dick in a box? LOL.


Chuck: Ok, so here are the chopped up body parts of Blair that you requested.
Eva: In a Cartier bag?
Chuck: Blair always travels in style.

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