Gossip Girl Set Photos: Why is Blair Crying?

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Below are a couple of interesting photos taken from the Gossip Girl set yesterday. It appears (although we're not certain) that Blair is quite upset by something on her BlackBerry.

A Gossip Girl blast about Chuck's new girlfriend perhaps?

Just one theory ... share your thoughts below:

Poor B (With N)
B Cries on Set

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I'm so sorry guys,but i hate Nate!I mean,yeah he is very nice,but i think he don't know what he want.So i think Chuck is much better for Blair,because together they are awesome!:-)


ok nair cant happen...dair would be sooo interesting i mean im a HUGE chair fan but its obvious tht chuck isnt worried about Blair right now so Blair should have some fun of her own. and "the townie" proves that Dan and Blair can be together. but hopefully the future holds beautiful chair scenes..


Could this possibly be for chuck thought there was dan+Blair so he found someone else?!


Bring Nair Back! Yeah!


please not nair. they don't belong together and never will.
i think it will always be CHAIR; no matter what happens. they have a history with great and sad moments and it would be very horrbile , that all the pain was for nothing. i don't think the writers would to this, because they love chair too.


Blair and Nate..i dont think so, he is her bestfriend and thats it, she cant be with another men, cause she is so in love with chuck aand nate is with serena thats it.. kidcudi ur are a racist..stupid!! i think blair is crying because she saw a rainas and chuck picture


I think its one of Leigh's expressions; she's always fooling around LOL! i did like nair, but it would be sort of awkward if they got back together...cause chuck and nates friendship and nate like knows they are meant to be...yea idk. I loved nair the minute i saw my first epi of ggirl. but as the show progressed, i developed an obsession with chair. idk i just console and tell myself that chair is endgame and everything will be my way lol.


she definitely dosen't do "eeewwww" she is sad...


I think it's about Chuck and Raina...The foto when Raina kisses Chuck on his cheek is on the GG blast and B sees that :o)


Nate & Blair! ♥

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