Gossip Girl Spoilers: The Return of Ben

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When we last left Gossip Girl, Juliet peaced out of the Upper East Side after Serena let her off the hook. As far as we can tell, that was it for Katie Cassidy on the show.

As for Juliet's incarcerated brother Ben, however?

According to E! Online, there's definitely more to Ben's story, as he'll be sticking around longer. What do you think will happen between Serena and her former teacher?

Ben and Serena

It took awhile, but we finally know why Ben had it out for Serena. The question is where we go from here, and whether she will help right a wrong she never knew existed.

While Serena was far from innocent, "The Townie" revealed that it was Lily who truly set Ben up for his life-altering fall. Will he be redeemed when Gossip Girl returns?

As always, your comments and theories are welcomed.

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I hate the serena/nate/dan triangle. I think its so boring. I think its better is S doesnt end up with D or N since she doesnt deserve them. Shes too fickle. Also, i hope they explore the possible friendship between D and B. I think it will be funny and entertaining.


I agree with @Sol, Nate and Dan are not as important for Serena as they think, I thought she really loved Dan and that´s why she chose him, and now I´m like where the hell did Ben even come from?? I prefer Serenate but if he is her true love... well then go ahead but stick to your choice more than 2 episodes this time S;)


looking forwards to more DAIR - friendship first if something romantic develops then awesome. GG has been in a rut, what happened to the OMFG moments from season 1, it needs to be like that again. also love dan/nate friendship.
couples for second half of S4
- Nate/Jenny
- serena needs to sort herself out and please stop throwing her into relationships with dan/nate - i'm over it!
- really hope chuck/serena never happens
- bring back georina


So after half of a season trying to decide, she chose Dan over Nate but now in just half of an episode all she switch Dan for this guy that turned out to be her one true love??? For God´s sake this woman doesn´t even know what love is!!! please just stop making Dan, Nate and now Ben all three beg for her love, they are too good for her. She needs to grow up and find someone new, because with this, she alrady showed us that neither Nate nor Dan are that important for her, she can choose Dan today, tomorrow wake up and change her mind, go and get back together with Nate and the next day cheat on him with Dan, again, and at the end go and dump him for the next random guy that passes by. Good luck Ben you don´t know what you signed for.


At least Serena would be with someone she has chemistry with then... and that someone wouldn't be married or still her teacher. Honestly, I never saw sparks between her and Dan, they bored me. Her and Nate had a good start and then it was just about them looking pretty with no storylines or real conversations for weeks, and then out of nowhere, it's Dan/serena again. Why? Also, Serena/Carter... boring! She could really use being in a romantic storyline with a well-acted character for once, since she's miles below Bad!Serena potential. Everytime I see HER I wish she'd come back, just for the hell of it.


I don't think Dan and Serena are brother and sister. Well, they do share a brother, but come on: They_are_not_releated Ps. Juliet is not coming back, and that's really a good thing. She isn't great enough to be a main character. I personally didn't even like her.


i want the NJBC to get back together. serena and dan? dont. J & C was enough familyintimacy.
serena and ben? wouldn't last for long; as always.
blair and dan? come on. totally out of character.


YAY! I like the Ben storyline so much! Plus Im so glad that shes not getting back with dan. How many times can that happen before they realize that theyre brother and sister?


beanxo3 i totally agree i thought i was the only one!!!!!!!


I'm so tired about the Nate Serena Dan love triangle! Seriously Ben is HOT and very cute. i would really like to see serena in a real relathionship ( not involving nate and dan) for more than 3 episodes.

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