Grey's Anatomy Photo Gallery: "Start Me Up"

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Grey's Anatomy returns January 6 with an all-new episode, "Disarm." We posted a photo gallery from that earlier. Now here are images from the following week's "Start Me Up."

The synopsis for the January 13 episode - in which Arizona tries to reconcile, but Callie has some "big news to share" - is what has a lot of fans wondering if Callie is pregnant.

The promotional photos below don't offer any real hints there ... we think. This first one makes you wonder! In any case, here's a glimpse of what "Start Me Up" holds for us.

Check out the pics and comment away!

Well, This Could Be Awkward
A Sad Callie
Karev and Company
Callie and a Visitor
Keeping Up With Kepner
Bailey and Eli
In the Bed
A New Couple Alert?
Derek and Meredith In Bed!
A Cute MerDer Photo
Engrossed in Surgery
A Nice Cap
Always on the Mark
She's Back, But ...
Hanging His Head
On Call Callie
Seattle Visitor
A New Face in SGMWH

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Wow! People seriously, are you going to stop watching because of one bad storyline!! Even if this rumor is true, they would make up an even better storyline to make up for the bad one! Seriously people think logically, PLEASE!!!


omG! I want arizona to fight her love for callie. it would be exciting and very romantic. i really really want them to get back together. they are one of the reasons i'm watching grey's. they look so good together and i really smile when i see the both of them together. please, let their romance be alive again. i love arizona!!!


I am highly highly doubting that SR is going to make Callie pregnant, someone somewhere else posted that the big news is probably Callie telling Arizona that she slept with Mark, and I agree with that....I do NOT in anyway see Callie getting pregnant, atleast not anytime soon....Eric Dane has said in more then one interview that he and Lexie would be getting back together, and I don't see Callie getting pregnant allowing that to happen...


If Callie is pregnant then I say congrats. Callie has been wanting a baby for long time and this could be the very thing she's been hoping for. If either couple is meant to be, then this will just be a bump in the road. Then again, if the big news is about work, that's great too. Point is we're just gonna have to watch and find out. Either way, I'm a fan of the show and I'm not gonna stop watching just because there maybe something in the storyline I don't care for. Things happen in life all the time that people don't like....that's what makes great television. The show must go on!


The MerDer pics are too cute!


Definitely agree with DG. Mark and Callie's desire to have a baby doesn't mean they should have one together. It's gonna throw everything out of the window because that's just something that both Arizona and Lexie might not be able to recover from. The consequences of this will just go beyond its current premises and it will cause a serious downfall in the relationships involved. This will definitely go behind the Denny Ghost Storyline in worst Grey's stories.


Just because Mark and Callie both want children doesn't mean it's a good idea for them to have one together. What about their respective other halves that they both claim to love insanely? Don't their feelings and opinions matter? I wouldn't have a problem if they were together as a couple but the fact is they're not. The only way a baby would make sense between Mark and Callie is if Callie was artificially inseminated with Mark's swimmers and it was mutually agreed by everyone involved including AZ and Lexie. Coz I doubt AZ and Lexie would be okay to raise a child that's a constant reminder of Mallie's sex-capades. And what about the baby? The kid might have trouble accepting the fact that he/she was conceived by two best friends through a drunken mistake because the father thought he was making the mother feel better, but whose mother is a bi in love with a lesbian and whose father is also in love with a younger woman whose been committed to a psych ward. If the writers go down this ridiculous baby road then this SL would almost top the denny ghost SL.


I wouldn't mind Callie being pregnant because both she and Mark both want children. Mark wanted to keep his grandson and Callie was willing to help him raise it. And if she is pregnant, I think Callie would keep it and Mark would want her to keep it. How do the two couples move forward would depend on how mature they are about the situation? But this is all speculation. Her big news could be so far removed from this rumor.


I am not seeing Callie being preganant with Mark's baby since Shonda has already said that Callie and AZ would be back together soon. I just don't think that the could put them back together with Callie carrying Mark's spawn. If they do go that route I will be done with this show.


I really would like to see Callie pregnant with Mark's baby, but not only that... I'd also be glad if Callie told Arizona that she's in love with Mark... ;)

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