Hawaii Five-O Producer Previews 2011: What's on Tap?

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Redemption for Chin. Family drama for Danno. Romance for Kono. An archnemesis for McGarrett.

All of these developments and more are ahead on Hawaii Five-O when this CBS drama returns in January. What, specifically, can fans expect from TV's top-rated new show? Sounds like a question for showrunner Peter Lenkov...

On plans for McGarrett in 2011: Hesse is alive... and you realize there's a connection from Wo Fat to Hesse. [We'll get into] the whole mystery of what was in the "champ box" in the second half of the season; that's all going to really play out.

Who is Wo Fat? He's McGarrett's archnemesis. He's the Joker to Batman, or Lex Luthor to Superman. In the original series, Wo Fat was sort of launched as a character in the pilot and in the last episode 12 years later he was caught by McGarrett and put behind bars, but in the course of 12 seasons he popped up every now and then.

What's ahead for Danno? Stan's going to be introduced soon, Rachel's husband. And there's a great story between Danny and him that we have coming up. We're going to meet Danny's brother down the road, he's going to come out to Hawaii to visit, and there's a really interesting story involving him.

On romance ahead: Kono going to have a love interest, an unconventional love interest... He's related to crime in some way.

And Chin? There's a resolution to Chin Ho's backstory, in terms of losing his badge in the police department. There's a real resolution to that [of] redemption for him. It plays off how you first met him, and he comes a complete 180 [degrees] by the end of the season.

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How can you contact the show to find out about the title credit film sequence? Anybody have an idea?


Definitely want Steve to be Kono's love interest. That would be awesome!


Steve & Kono would make a freaking awesome couple!!! You can practically see their chemistry oozing off the screen. For all the non-believers: just watch the episodes again and LOOK and the interaction between Steve and Kono. You don't need to look that hard to see it. All the small, discrete, glances....COME ON, the producers are freaking teasing us!!!!! Even on the banner at the top of this page. They look awesome together!!!
Also can be seen from some photoshoots, like:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... (read the comment under DarkBlazer641 to get the times for the Steve/Kono moments) ESPECIALLY 2:01 into the video. Definitely want them to get together in the show :) THAT would drastically make this show much better...MUCH BETTER....on the verge of PURE AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!


Please let it be Steve and Kono...please?


How about James Caan making a guest appearance. Another guest appearance could be a blast from the past - Justin Tarr (Tully Pettigrew from Rat Patrol fame), rumor has it he lives in Hawaii and back in 1968 he had a guest appearance with the original cast of Hawaii Five-O. It would be great to see both these gentlemen.


definitely not steve and kono..they dont have chemistry as lovers..


i really hope Kono's love interest can be Steve they would be so cute with eachtoher :)


I think Hawaii Five-0 is not only the best new show on TV but the best show on TV. I love the conversations between Steve and Danno. I also love Kono and Chin. The original Hawaii Five-0 was good for its time; however I think the current Hawaii Five-0 is excellent and fantastic for the current times. Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan are super actors as well as Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park. Keep up the good work.


The casting director needs to take a trip to East Asia so he can learn the difference between the appearance of a Korean and a Chinese.


I think Hawaii Five -o is a great show.My ? are you selling the show or the music to the show?The music should be in the background not the foreground.With up too loud or soft i,am lucky to understand half the words>Do you ever watch you"re own show?Thank you bobmac

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