Hellcats is Moving!

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Hellcats is a moving show.

It's also a show that is moving.

When this CW hit returns with new episodes, it will do so in a new timeslot: Tuesdays at 9 p.m. While it's unusual to shift a series around during its first season, a lead-in of One Tree Hill ought to bode well for Marti and company.

To get fans excited for the move, the network has released the following promotional videos. Check them out now:

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@Jenny: The CW has vastly different standards for ratings than basic networks. It focuses on a young, female demographic, both of which Hellcats hit, making it a major money-maker for the network.
Same for One Tree Hill. Simple "decent" ratings would not cause it to be on for so many seasons.


I love this show, I hope the show brings in a new love interest for savannah cause i don't just want her to be longing for dan while he's in love with marti even though i think they should end up together


Did The CW pay you to write this? One Tree Hill isn't that great of a lead-in either. It gets just decent ratings. I don't expect Hellcats to do much better. I actually see it flopping, because it's already far from a "CW hit" as you wrote.


You guys they aren't making a movie. They are saying the show is moving!!! M O V I N G not M O V I E.
Moving as in moving time slots. They are moving from Wednesday to Tuesday. You obviously aren't native English speakers.


They are producing a movie I didn't know lol is this tru or just a spelling error just that I was thinking u ment move not movie lol just wondering ?


Hellcats Quotes

There is a scholarship for cheerleading? For being a football groupie?


You know what gets me through? Hope.