House Spoilers: Meeting Cuddy's Mother

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The bad news for House fans: the show won't air a new episode until January 17.

The exciting news for House fans: Candice Bergen will debut as Cuddy's mom on this installment. What will this character be like?

“Her mother is the kind of mother who thinks the most loving thing she can do is tell you the worst things she knows about you,” Lisa Edelstein told EW this week, adding that House will be "really trying" to make a good impression, but it won't be easy.

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As for the actual relationship between House and Cuddy, will things remain as frosty as they've been over the last couple episodes?

No, says Edelstein, who also spoke to TV Fanatic late last month.

“That’s not going to last forever,” the actress said. “She knows who he is. It’s just that when you’re at the beginning of a relationship, everyone is trying to be the best of themselves, and when somebody does something like he did, it’s frightening because it means that that’s still the best of what they have to offer. But she gets over it and life moves forward. Family definitely triggers a lot more stuff, but nothing that they can’t surpass.”

Paula Marshall will also be part of that family. She's been cast as Cuddy's sister.

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