Jack Bass Returning to Gossip Girl This Winter

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Gossip Girl producers have asked Desmond Harrington to reprise his role as Jack Bass around February, E! Online has learned. What will that mean for Chuck (and Blair)?

No more details are available at this time, as this piece of information was gleaned only from an interview with Harrington pertaining to his role on Showtime's Dexter.

We welcome your thoughts and theories, however ...

Chuck and Jack Bass

What does the evil uncle have in store this time?

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please can someone tell me ? Is georgina sparks will be back in finale season 4 ? 2011... ? please someone give any information.. thanks.


Oh... my God, i love Chuck Bass, i mean when he with Blair.Please,can your tell me,why Chuck and Blair not dating in 4 season?

Ms mystic falls



I think he is back to once again take down the empire. He probably is going to run a new hotel chain and it would be big competition for the empire. Of course he will play dirty.


Wow Jack Bass wil be back!!!i can't imagine Jack and Blair dating, it's better to bring a new hunk for Blair!!Maybe garrett of country strong ..


Yay! Jack brings drama with him and that's always good on the UES! Does anyone know when GG comes back after the mid-season break?


I just love when Jack's around! He always brings drama. I think this time it has to do something with Blair, again, but more just Blair, not Chuck, maybe not at all. I really don't see them dating, but i'm definitely seen them with some heat! I think this is what's gonna happen: Chuck has the new girlfriend (eewww..) and Blair's jealous, ofcourse. So, Jack comes back, and Blair sees the opportunity to make Chuck jealous with Jack. That's not the brightest idea, but we all know Blair.. But it could really work, though, but i think first of all Chuck's going to be mad, then jealous. I'm so exctited to see what's gonna happen!


totally VOTE FOR GEORGINA SPARKS to return ! no 1 ! i love Georgina sparks ! she is really awesome .. i always curious about this famous rich crazy bitch !


i want JAIR to happen soooo bad!


I love jack! he is so hot!!
I think is Chuck daiting with Raina, why dont Blair date Jack!! that would be awsome!!
i thing that jack is the best guest star..nexts is Georgina.
Jack is evil but he has a soft side very deep inside, and georgina is a bad girl and funny! they rock!!
i hate agnes!! ven i hate jenny whta she done to her was awful

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