Jack Bass Returning to Gossip Girl This Winter

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Gossip Girl producers have asked Desmond Harrington to reprise his role as Jack Bass around February, E! Online has learned. What will that mean for Chuck (and Blair)?

No more details are available at this time, as this piece of information was gleaned only from an interview with Harrington pertaining to his role on Showtime's Dexter.

We welcome your thoughts and theories, however ...

Chuck and Jack Bass

What does the evil uncle have in store this time?

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lil Jair please


jack bass gonna back ! no way! his storyline is so over ! just like that.. nothing great. Yeah TRUE! Bring GEROGINA SPARKS BACK JOSH AND STEPHANIE! ALL GG FANS MISS GEORGINA SO MUCH! Georgina is the regular evil character with recurring characters! she was bring the SHOW OF GOSSIP GIRL ! must REMEMBER !!! VOTE FOR GEORGINA SPARKS RETURN WITH THE LOVELY story,, she is so funny .. beside she is bad girl but she is a good girl too! i can't wait to see Georgina Screw Juliet sharp in end of Season 4! juliet gonna come back !


YEEESSSSS!!!!! I love Uncle Jack. He is smoking freaking hot. Can I please be cast for a hot love scene? :-D I cannot wait to see what he is up to.


Blair better screw his brains out. And then Chuck can go cry, or die. Which ever really.


eww Agnes? uh no.. she was horrible and wat she did to jenny was terrible.. i hope she never comes back..
but georgina is good.. i like her character.. i'm pretty sure she's gonna be back soon.. they cant keep her away for long
but out of everyone, i have to say jack bass is the most interesting.. his storylines are amazing.. in my opinion, he's the best evil character on gossip girl.. come on, he almost made chuck commit suicide, took over bass industries, tried to rape lily, stole chuck's hotel and his mom, and made him break up with blair.. he's an evil genius and i cant wait to see wat he does next =)


maybe chuck will save blair for once !!!


am i the only one happy to see the most effable UILF ever?!
im so glad j bass is back. time for jair? yes please! i like jack bass in the show. although he's bad, i'd rather watch his schemes rather than Chuck's multiple bimbos. its getting old. jack is soooo welcome!


Totally disagree. I love Georgina. The truth of the matter is that Georgina makes the show interesting. Other than her "pregnancy" storyline all of her other plots on the show were pretty damn good. I wish she returned to wreak havoc with Juliet though. You cannot tell me that you didn't love the "You can tell Jesus that bitch is back!" line...


don't bring jack back...lame. but if they're gonna bring back old recurring guest stars,
better him than Georgina. they ruined her character.
Season 1 G = Evil Bitch
Season 2 G = Innocent Jesus Freak Turned Evil Again
Season 3 G - Going to NYU, now with a goofy sense of humor than being crazy obsessed with Dan.
Season 4 G = Has a son with a Russian guy but lies and convinces Dan it's his than says "Oh he's not yours see ya!" GEORGINA IS DONE. so bring Jack back, but not Georgina. oh and never bring Elizabeth or Evelyn whatever her name is back, her acting was awful and she was a shady bitch.


Ugh.. When will they bring Agnes back? Her storyline ended so damn abruptly!

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