Kaylee Defer to Play Recurring Gossip Girl Character

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Kaylee Defer is joining Gossip Girl as a recurring character, Deadline reports.

Her character will be introduced later this season. Defer was a regular on the Fox comedy The War at Home and the WB drama The Mountain. She's also been on How I Met Your Mother, Bones, CSI: Miami and Ghost Whisperer, among other shows.

Details are sparse as to who she'll play on Gossip Girl. Any theories?


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Jack's secret love child with a past girlfriend -- makes it even more creepy that he slept with Blair


She reminds me of Chuck and his mom, so I'm thinking Chuck's sister or some other Bass relative. We know there's going to be drama involving Bass Industries, trip to NZ, Jack coming back, and all that jazz. I imagine she fits into that.


Ugh, hate guest stars :/ GG sure is going downhill. I loved the first season but after that it seemed like everyone was breaking up and getting back together in 1 episode.


does anyone else think she isn't pretty enough to be big character on GG like comm on oh and she sort of reminds me of that amanda girl from season 2. the one chuck payed to be with dan. lol


Is it funny that the article failed to mention that Penn was in The Mountain too with her.


I think she will be involved with One of the boys and maybe have some problems with Blair. Hmmm why so mysterious.


Oh the possibilities are endless - Chuck's new girlfriend....Serena's ghost from the past...Blair's new enemy...Nate's cousin coz the Van der Bilt clan is enourmous like the cast of Lost...Lily's sister's daughter...Jenny's new BFF...Dan's new muse...Vanessa's boring relative...Gossip Girl?


she could be rufus secret daughter. that would add good drama for rufus alone and the humpfreys.


Pretty girl. Hmm, who will her character be? I say she is either going to be a Humphrey family member (I guess cousin since she is way too young to be Rufus's sister, but stranger things have happened on this show) or Serena/Eric's family member (Aunt Carol's kid) or an Archibald/Van Der Bilt family member, Blair's cousin or Vanessa's sister. I don't think Chuck has any other "lost" family members so, I don't think she will a Bass relation. Again, stranger things have happened on this show. LOL Point is I think she is going to be a family member to someone. LOL


My guess is stupid and a lot of people will probably call me stupid, but I'm just hoping she's THE Gossip Girl.

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