Leighton Meester Clarifies Gossip Girl Future

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Gossip Girl fans were not happy about the possibility of losing their Queen B earlier this week when Leighton Meester hinted at leaving the hit CW series.

Granted, she said she would do so only when her contract is up (which would be two seasons after the current fourth season). But it got people talking.

Rest easy, though. Leighton, who's also starring in the new film Country Strong, clarified her remarks about in a new interview with Access Hollywood.

Essence of LM

STILL QUEEN: Leighton's not going anywhere anytime soon.

“It’s nothing magical. Someone just asked me the other day, ‘What do you see after Gossip Girl - when does it end?’ And I said, ‘I guess in a couple years."

"That’s when my contract is up. Nothing crazy. I can’t predict the future and things come to an end. I honestly don’t know, but I love being on the show.”

Basically, it was blown a little out of proportion by Gossip Girl fans who can't bear the thought of the show ending ... and who can blame them, honestly?

Leighton also discussed pulling double duty on Gossip Girl and Country Strong, which co-stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Tim McGraw and Garrett Hedlund.

“I was shooting at the same time, so I flew back and forth in blizzards and everything. Somehow it worked – I made a lot of threats,” she laughed.

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i envy leighton getting to kiss chuck is like the best. they should totally star in a sexy movie toghether mwah love them both. blake dresses better but she has no class and is a bit ugly sorry to say but its true


Are you kidding, i love them both despite blake getting everything dosent' make you nothing, i believe you are more than an actress.


Leight i've imagined gossip girl without you. It's just coming to me that you're more than an actress .pls dont' leave.


Leighton meester is the best on gossip girl! she is real blair waldorf!!! omg... i hope gossip girl will end up in season 8 !! just add 2 seasons more !!!!!! i believe there still alot of huge gossip girl fans!

Helen rosalie

I couldn't imagine Gossip Girl without Leighton.


LOL at *HS*.. Blake has more class? are u kidding me? i love both of them but how can u even say that? u dont even know them.. but class means elegance and, to me, always wearing low-cut dresses that showcase ur boobs is not class at all.. in fact its a call for attention!
and they both have stylists so u dont know who has the better style because they dont even pick their own clothes


i think that in 2 years gossip should actually end... there can not be more to get out of gossip girl than two seasons. that is really a great plan. to actually end the show with good timing and being on top.




Please don't leave leight!


Uhh its more like Blakes Half a mill for Chanel vs Leightons 3 mill for Vera Wang!
Ohh and dont forget what they make for apearances at clubs and partys blake gets 25,000 or 35,000 and leighton gets 100,000 it was on e!
so if u look at it yes blake has more publicity but leighton makes the most money!!!


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And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell ... You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl

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