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Let's forget about Castle and Beckett for a moment.

Yes, supposedly, these two finally kiss in January, but there's another twosome on this ABC hit that will soon be revealed as a legitimate couple.

On January 10, we'll learn Detective Javier Esposito and medical examiner Lanie Parish have been secretly going at it for awhile.

Rick Castle and Javier Esposito
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"We find out it's been going on for about eight weeks, so it's still a new thing," Jon Huertas told TV Guide. "Of course we try to hide it from the gang to keep things professional, but it's hard for us to control ourselves."

It's unclear when other characters on the show will learn of this relationship, but only the audience will be in on the secret for the foreseeable future.

In other Castle romance news: look for Detective Ryan to propose to girlfriend Jenny on the January 3 return episode.

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Ok I have been watching this since day one and I LOVE THE IDEA!!! I want to see Beckett in tears one day when Castle drops to one knee and pops the big one.


YAY! I like these two characters and I think this will be awesome!

Sue ann

I forgot to mention NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles. No relationships there, either. It is just statistically unlikely.

Sue ann

It would be nice to see some stable relationships amongst second lead characters on tv. It is not normal for any group of coworkers to all be single, as they are on Castle, Bones (until last season), The Mentalist, and two CSI's (Las Vegas and Miami). Some people have steady SO's; some people are married. Ryan's girl friend seems nice, and Esposito and the doctor are both charmers, and smart, caring people. They would go well together. I can't list other shows, because I don't watch other shows, except these: CSI New York has a married couple. Criminal Minds has Garcia and her boyfriend in a steady relationship. The Big Bang Theory has single geekiness as part of the setup premise.


I feel like this couple is mad random

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