Mark and Lexie in For "Slow Journey" on Grey's Anatomy

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Now that it appears his hookup with Callie was a one-shot deal - and that a Calzona reunion is inevitable - what's the deal with Lexie and Mark on Grey's Anatomy?

Backers of last season's unlikely, but endearing couple may not like it, but executive producer Shonda Rhimes says the journey of Mark and Lexie will be a "slow one."

"There's going to be some surprises, but Mark sleeping with someone else never really stopped him and Lexie in the past, so I can't imagine why it would now."

Fair point. This is Mark Sloan we're talking about.

Lark Love!

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I think a hook-up with Jackson wouldn't be too bad either. The way i see it, being with Jackson might be what makes Lexie realizes that she really loves Mark.


I'm all for Mark and Lexie but I would not mind one of the 'surprises' being Lexie hooking up with Jackson first.


The journey of Mer and Der was an agonizing long one so I have no doubt that Mark and Lexie will eventually end up happily together.


I agree with Barbara. :)


omgggggg i was sooooooooo happy i loved how he looked at her before they kissed


Love Lexie and Mark. I do hope they get married!


As much as I'd like to see Lexie and Mark back together NOW, I can settle with not now at the same time.. I still want them to take their time and work out their problems...As long as the series finale of Grey's Anatomy ends with them HAPPY AND TOGETHER!!! lmao...follow me on twitter @r_ali


I love Mark and Lexie as a couple - they totally bring out the best in each other and have amazing chemistry. I don't care about the age difference and frankly don't understand all the fuss about it. Love is love, folks.
However, I have one BIG thing on my mind. Shonda said "surprises"....will Callie be pregnant??? OMG - I would so hate that to happen.


so much for a slow journey this was kind of a fast one to me not that i'm complaining or anything.


As long as they end up together, I'm happy :)

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