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Tyler is officially a werewolf on The Vampire Diaries, but anyone that watched "By the Light of the Moon" knows it wasn't easy.

The same can be said for Michael Trevino himself, who tells Entertainment Weekly:

“I had to warn my parents, mainly my mom. I let them know it’s pretty intense, pretty graphic. I was on the phone with my mom, and I could hear in her voice that she almost had to change the channel."

Set to Turn

But enough about the past. We all know that Vampire Diaries fans want their spoilers. For example: are Tyler and Caroline headed for romance?

"They can both understand each other because they have this supernatural element to them," Trevino says. "I think he wants to be with her, and he cares for her. She stayed there with him for as long as she could, and he knows that. I’d like to think he wants to have a relationship."

What about Jules? What can the actor tell us about the motivations of his uncle's Damon-hating friend?

"We can trust Jules. Jules has motives. She’s coming to Mystic Falls to look over Tyler. She wants Tyler and she needs him. For what, I can’t say. But she needs Tyler and wants to take him under her wing."

In closing, Trevino says all won't be peachy keen for Tyler and Caroline. There is the matter of certain facts she's been withholding from him, after all.

"He’s gonna find out [about other vampires] really soon, and that’s just a whole different situation than with Tyler and his feelings toward Caroline once he finds out she lied."

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i dont like matt and caroline together soooo....................
i would love tyler and caroline together as a couple and cant wait to see the next episode...... i love the vampire diaries it is my favourite show


God, I really want these two together but of course he's going to be all heated about Mason and she'll do somehting lame like getting back with Matt, ugh


hopefully it's nothing romantic for jules realtionship with tyler since a thing for older women he does have Lol. I really love him with caroline I hope after everything is all out they can work it out and become a couple


since Damon and Elena aren't happening anytime soon...totally rooting for Caroline and Tyler and placing all my obsessed, addicted enery on them!=))


Hopefully Tyler and Caroline will be more then just friends and maybe Caroline can help Jules trust Damon


Love Tyler and Caroline! And I think based on this, I can see that Jules will probably recruit Tyler to join her wolf pact or something of that sorts. She's obviously try and get him on her side


Tyler and Caroline = my favorite couple on the show


When I first saw this title, i got goosebumps! Im obsessed with Forwood and while I was reading my mouth widened up to my ears! I was smiling! I know he cares since he's like 'I will be there for you' in the extended promo. He also kisses her. Though Im quite sad that he'll find the pile of lies behind it. I hope he understands that Caroline only lied to protect him. Candice Accola also stated something similar in one of her interviews saying 'you know she's lying', Im getting suspicious.. Uh-oh, POSITIVE THINGS!!!


Yes Ruby you do remember correctly, it was the first question he asked. Even before asking if there are others.


well if i remember correctly he asked and she said it is a long story and he was too self involved to ask again but i think he might think that she was bit by a random vampire and doesn't really know the whole process of turning and the fact that vampires live like normal ppl more or less

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