One Tree Hill Review: Lists, Plans... Dan!

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Was it a coincidence that my favorite episode of this season of One Tree Hill happened to coincide with the return of Dan Scott? I think not. 

Although he didn't play a huge role in "List, Plans," his presence more than made up for the few moments of utter nonsense from son Nathan.

Kid Cudi on on OTH

Dan Scott truly is my favorite character on this series.  When he turned around after asking Quinn "What can I help you with?" my face lit up.  He may be one of the most evil men on the planet, but Dan Scott just makes things so darn interesting.  He was so intriguing, as he explained to Quinn all of the things she would need to complete her murder, that I almost passed right over how terrible Quinn was in every scene this week.

But, no, I still noticed it. 

Maybe it was mediocre acting, or maybe it was just that it didn't fit Quinn's character at all that she'd even be thinking of doing this, but I wasn't buying that she was ready to murder this girl at all. 

In the end, Dan, in all of his good guy glory, convinced her not to go through with it.  But was that truly the right choice?  As we later saw, Katie is on her way back to Tree Hill.  Is she back for more of Clay?  Or more shooting?

Elsewhere: Nathan becoming an agent?  Not a storyline I ever was digging.  Nathan going back to college?  Already on board with.  The school atmosphere is something One Tree Hill had been missing for a while, and the idea of Nathan going back to finish his degree just works. 

The conflict that has arisen between him and this professor should play out well, but what still has not is Nathan waxing on about being such a good guy.  That scene where he explained to Jamie why he chose the difficult class was a combination of a sappy life lesson, and a cliched sports story.  Pretty terrible, but pretty expected from Nathan Scott these days.

One sign that I really enjoyed this episode of One Tree Hill is that I have positive things to say about the first three plot lines on which I focus. Number-three is the loveable romanticism between Julian and Brooke.  Everything Julian was doing for Brooke, in making her wish list come true, was just so cute.  He even made the thought of kidnapping babies seem adorable.  That's how good these two have become when they are together and happy.  Let's get to that wedding already!

Watching Erin Perform

The Haley story line, as she continued to build up Erin as a fantastic musical act, was nice, but lacked any substance.  The Chase/Mia/Alex plot wasn't working all that well for me this week.  I mean, how could he ever resist that smile from Alex?  Way too ridiculous.  And finally, I couldn't have been happier to have a week off from Mouth and Millie.  I've said it before and I'll say again, if those two never came back I would be very happy.

So we have had a couple of good One Tree Hill eps in a row now.  Do we think this trend is going to continue?  Or will the return of Katie bring us back to some of the ridiculous antics of last season and the beginning of this season?

Other Thoughts:

  • The opening credits theme song was performed by Aimee Mann.
  • I loved that Dan was writing down Quinn's murder to-do-list on the same sheet as the burger someone ordered.
  • Julian's Sean Connery accent was decent.  Brooke's was terrible.
  • Played by the fantastic Peter Reigert (The Mask, Animal House), Nathan's difficult professor is just a complete jerk. What kind of college professor takes out his frustrations with former college athletes on a dude that comes back to earn his degree?
  • Are you joking?  Nathan had never heard of an acronym before? This is such a novel idea in the One Tree Hill world?  This is something you learn, as Jamie has, in elementary school!  Ridiculous.
  • I love that Dan is somehow an expert on killing people.  He did it one time in the heat of the moment, and had nothing to do with covering it up.  He is no expert.
  • As always, we've updated our section of One Tree Hill quotes. Find your favorite now!


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I just loved the Nathan "Stay away from people with Keller in their name," line. It was just so like connecting. Bringing the past in and stuff. And even though all the characters have changed so much, it brought all that back into perspective for like 5 seconds.


This episode was amazing, I'm sad they stopped the "Dear Lucas" at the beginning of each episode because maybe it means Lucas and Peyton won't be coming back and I REALLY want them to come back! I can't help but notice that Brulian's storyline this episode was very similar to a part of "A Walk to Remember" when the guy tries to make all the girl's wishes come true. Except Brooke gets her dream wedding and Jamie(a walk to remember) dies but that's not the point right now All in all this episode was great and I'm looking forward to next week's episode even though I really don't want to see Brooke get hurt, but we all know OTH has a thing for tragic accidents!


saad--omg dexter!! exactly what i was thinking with the list of murder supplies... can't wait to catch up on last sundays episode :)


lindsay--regarding the "He did it one time in the heat of the moment, and had nothing to do with covering it up" quote.... yes he blamed jimmy for killing keith. jimmy was his cover story. however dan didn't chopped keith's body up and wrapped it in plastic bags for disposal. with nanny carrie, there were witnesses. while dan definitely had a damn good reason for killing the psycho, you can't dispose a body with hayley and jamie in front of them! the thing that made the whole "dan is an expert on murdering somebody and disposing all evidence" slightly unbelievable for me was his last exit scene from tree hill. from what i remember, dan decided to go away for awhile but he left on a good note. it seemed like he was going to turn his life around and try to find some happiness in his life. or at least that is what i like to think of that scene. i mean of course being a convict really does limit job opportunities and not everyone (future significant other) will understand and come to terms with such a dark past, but i was hoping he would try to live a better life because of jamie.

Saad khan

I loved the Epi, it was overall Fun though Dan trying to act like he was Murderer by Profession was Hilarious... seems like He stole Dexter's List of weapons. Hhahahaha Julian and Brooke were so Cute together that it makes you want to fall in LOVE again! Mia N Alex were cute together (Don't get me wrong I really wanted them to Kiss to make Chase jealous) BOYs fantasy ;-)
The Ending was appealing and Next Episode looks Epic n Gothic like Once Matt Barr Kidnapped Peyton and Brooke... that was the best epi of OTH everrrr...


i found it really funny that he mentioned something about Keller's. Maybe they will bring Chris Keller back. That would be FUNNY!


i loved this episode, i think all storylines were great and i can't wait for next weeks episode


Dan spent a fair amount of time in prison, hanging out with people who definitely are experts on murdering .. though one might say not so much at covering it up as, well, they got caught. And I think you mean mneumonic, not acronym. I struggle to believe that Nathan doesn't know what an acronym is, but in the silly world of OTH he's possibly just dappy enough never to have used a mneumonic.


lindsay, I guess I had forgotten about the whole Nanny Carrie thing. I was talking about the murder of Keith. And Dan saying "it was Jimmy" is nothing like planning out how to cut up a body and bury the parts six feet under ground.


I thought this episode was good...Nathan had his funny one liners like "stay away from anyone who has 'keller' in their name" lol liked the shout out to Chris Keller and "first tutor girl, now tutor son" but i did feel like they made Nathan really dumb in this episode i'm actually getting sick of the Alex/Chase/Mia love triangle i wish he'd just pick already

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