PTC Criticizes Glee, The Vampire Diaries for Sexualized Content

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It's safe to say the Parents Television Council does not like Glee and The Vampire Diaries as much as TV Fanatic does.

In a new report that analyzed the sexual content of the top 25 broadcast network shows among teenagers, the PTC cited these popular programs as showing an "eagerness to not only objectify and fetishize young girls, but to sexualize them in such a way that real teens are led to believe their sole value comes from their sexuality."

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We have a feeling most women out there would love to be "sexualized" by Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley.

"TV executives have made it their business to profit off of programs that depict teen girls blissfully being sexualized by casual partners," said PTC President Tim Winter.

Other shows that came under fire in the report include Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory.

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Well,my young sister is seven years old and she knows what the word "sex" mean.


I'm with solofia...i mean now a days even little 3rd 4th graders know about yea and the ages thing(PG-13,PG-14,PG,R etc.etc.) is there FOR A REASON!!!DUH!!!


WTF that is the dumbest thing I ever read!! If parents don't want their "children" watching these programs, then block them or supervise their tv watching!! And I agree with solofia, TV14 is there for a reason. Besides, how many young teens are really watching the show? 90% of teen watching these programs already know about sex. PTC needs to get a life. LOL.


IF the parents don't want their kids watching this, DO NOT Let them see, "TV14" means something. Besides the kids are going to figure it out any way so why keep them hidden from the word SEX?
Who's with me?


Whoa, I totally disagree!! Elena is hardly just an "object" for men to goggle over. She's tough, independent, and self-sacrificing. Bonnie... she's never even had a boyfriend and she's an insanely powerful witch. Caroline tends to be ruled by other people's expectations of her, but that was always portrayed as a negative quality and something she had to work on, and it's gone away a lot since she became a vampire and started to find herself as a person. Caroline's mom is town mayor and a tough, single mom. Jenna's a strong single woman running a household with two teenagers in it. Katharine... yeah, she basically just talks about sex and death, but she's one character. And the villain. Not exactly the person you choose as your role model. Not one of these characters (save Katharine) has ever even had casual sex... it's like PTC glanced at a few commercials and judged the show without actually watching it.


The PTC is the stupidest organization ever! I'd love to be "sexualized" by Most of the Glee guys and the Vampire Diaries guys! I'm sure the "parents" that write about how awful these shows are have never had sex. Right winged conservative freaks, is all of what I see when I read their articles online.


oh god.i know that maybe shows such as tvd are not exactly the best tv show avilable but it in no ways endorses sex.the youth of today are not naive.they know what is right or wrong and if they are unable to judje for themselves what is right then the parents have failed to get their message across.they work and leave the kids alone at home with tv but expect them to watch children shows.go figuree


Ok, seriously. What's your beef with Vampire Diaries? There are sex scenes. So what? You're telling me that just because a woman does it with a man in a show, she's suddenly a fetish? Why don't you attack Sex and the City? The whole show is based on that! You're worried that your kids will be influenced by sex on tv? Why don't you take it up with Family Guy! It's a cartoon with sex in it! Helloo!


please, if anything this show has some pretty sexually independent women who are in charge of their romantic lives


Pleeeeease ! Just shut the hell up . if u dont wnat your kids to watch it , block it . But let us watch Ian's sexiness !

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