Rachel Nichols Promoted to Criminal Minds Series Regular

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Rachel Nichols has yet to appear on Criminal Minds in her character's planned guest-starring role, but she's already earned a promotion to full-time series regular.

Guess the producers really like what they see.

The former Alias star originally signed on for a three-episode arc beginning this week (Dec. 8) as Ashley Seager, an FBI cadet with an unusual family history.

R. Nichols

Hotcher (Thomas Gibson) invites Ashley to help consult on a case.

It was previously unclear if Criminal Minds would bring on a new female series regular this year after the controversial exit of A.J. Cook in September, but it looks like they have.

Why the popular Cook would be let go for creative reasons is a mystery to many, especially without having seen what Nichols brings to the show. Her debut should be interesting.

Also this summer, Paget Brewster's role was reduced from 22 to 17 episodes, sparking rumors that the show was looking to kill off Prentiss or write her off in as it did with J.J.

Brewster was later asked to appear in all 22 episodes this year, but opted to work a reduced number so she could field other offers for future pilots/projects. It's all very odd.

What do you think of Rachel Nichols' hiring and the Criminal Minds casting shakeups?

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Rachel's awesome in an authoritative role, especially an FBI agent [as was evidenced by the short-lived series "The Inside"] and, while I'm still disappointed about the exit of A.J. Cook, I think that Rachel will fit in perfectly with everyone. :-) I'm very excited to see what the writers have in store for her character tonight and the many weeks to come! :-D


Rachel rocked the FBI role on The Inside, a Fox show back in 2005. I was completely smitten with her skills, and the show in general. Of course, they cancelled it. I've never watched Criminal Minds, but her pick-up makes me want to give it a try.


Im angered that they get rid of AJ Cook and then hire some new girl. I do like Rachel from Alias so I hope she does a good job


Just one more piece of info. Although some TV sites are reporting Nichols's already inked a deal, CBS's official position is that she is in talks to become a regular, and that the negotiations are progressing. It is also CBS's position that Paget Brewster has been asked to reconsider a return to her former full-time regular option. Neither the actresses have come up with a definitive answer. Brewster wants to keep her option as it is for the time being, so she can be free to consider new projects, while Nichols haven't voiced her agreement yet. She did tweet it was a dream come true and that she felt blessed, but it referred to CBS's invitation not to an actual understanding. I personally think CBS releasing this news just before the airing of Nichols's episode arc is far from being a coincidence. It is a very clever comercial strategy to gain viewers' interest in the upcoming episodes. The network certainly aims to check Nichols' acceptance in the episodes rating/buzz before making an official announcement about her status on the show. I think it's a matter of wait and see, and I would be careful before buying this whole story as a done deal.


I have nothing against Rachel Nichols (actually don't even know who she is). The problem I have with Criminal Minds is the ousting of A.J. Cook. J.J. was the best character on the show and Cook is an amazing actress. I still don't understand why they cut her out


Ed Bernero is a showrunner, a producer of the show. He does not own it. He is not the one who decides who's in and who's out of it. He can be kicked out of it just like anybody in the cast or crew. CBS owns Criminal Minds. CBS fires and hires cast members. CBS producers are the ones who gives general creative premises and financial support. Exec producers like Ed just make it happen according to their wishes. And sell the product as it is. We have to be careful so as to aim our rage into the right targets, not to punish the show itself for the network's upheavals. Just saying...


I think it was soooo unfair for Mr. Bernero to quash the role of JJ and then announce that they were not really replacing AJ Cook (just when the controversy over her sudden firing was intensifying) and then, squeeze in a new face whom they were careful to stress was only a "guest," and then after fans' emotions have been assuaged to SUDDENLY announce they were making this "prosthetic mamarian" a regular! The nerve! If they are that cavalier with loyal fans of CM, they should not be surprised IF we decide to watch "Modern Family" instead. They should be soooo lucky, if the executives of CM think they can get away with this skullduggery!!!!!

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