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We received over 100 entries for this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest and have awarded the top prize to a user named "angel."

Granted, we weren't happy about this reader reminding us of the disappointing Lost finale, but we were amused by the concept of Stefan trying to explain it in the scene below to Caroline.

Check out the winning submission underneath the photos  and thanks to all that participated. Come back and play every week!

Cap Contest

Stefan: Okay, for the 51st time, this is what happened in the season finale of Lost.

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Caroline: Okay im taking notes in my head and on paper. Run me through it again!
Stefan:*sigh* Caroline..... its simple.1+1=2.
Caroline: No it doesnt! It equals 5!!!!
Stefan: Carolin! Whatch my hands.(puts up one finger)one(puts up another finger)plus one (shows both fingers) is two.
Caroline: i even have a way to remember it!
Stefan: how?
Caroline:Damon plus Elena equals the perfect match!
Stefan What!
Caroline:oh crap oh crap!Find a happy place!FIND A HAPPY PLACE!!!


Stefan: And then do you know what she did?
Caroline(submerged: What?!
Stefan: She told me she loved me>
Caroline:no way!!!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOO tweeting this. How do you spell Kathrin? And Drama?


Caroline: you know Stefan Tyler is actually really hot when he's a wolf and has all the hair and the fangs.
Stefan: Ewww! Caroline listen to me very carefully Tyler is FAT!
Caroline: why so hateful Stefan? Oooo your jelous wait till I tell Elena!!!


Caroline : Stefan , there's no need to point your fingers twords me ; i'm not the only girl in Mystic Falls who gets kissed by two guys..


Stefan: No, no, no! You see, Angel and Cordelia fell in love after they both moved to L.A., and not while they were in Sunnydale and Angel was with Buffy. And besides, he was in love with Buffy the whole time! It was Cordelia's amnesia that resulted in her sleeping with Connor. Caroline: ...It still doesn't make sense.


Stefan: Real vampires scowl and brood. Think Spike or Angel.


Stefan: Okay Caroline, I know your still pretty new here so im gonna break it down for got you warsity jocks(Matt & Tyler), JV jocks, asian nerds, cool asians, unfriendly black witches(Bonnie and Luca), girls who eat their feelings, girls who dont know anything(Jenna), Sexually active band members, the best people you'll ever meet (Stefan and Elena), and the worst (Damon)...


Seriously Caroline, who haven't you told in Mystic Falls that you are a vampire. I know what I am buying you for Christmas a muzzle, ohh wait you can borrow Tylers.


lol @moi- urs was awesome!


People watcing the show: Is Mystic Grill the only Bar/Restaurant/Human,Vampire and everything in between Social Reunion Place in All Mystic Falls??

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