The Vampire Diaries Midseason Preview: Scoop on Tyler, Jonas, Klaus and More!

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And... exhale.

That's the sound Vampire Diaries viewers can finally make, as the show is on hiatus until January 27 and we're able to finally catch our breath from what's been a non-stop thrill ride of unexpected twists and turns.

What can we look forward to when this drama does come back? Producer Kevin Williamson gave an extensive interview to The New York Post this week, in which he previewed what's to come for Tyler, Elijah and others...

Willing to be Sacrificed

Whatever happens in 2011, be assured that Elena will be at the center of it.

What's the future for Tyler and Caroline?
They are 100% in a relationship – it’s just a friendship right now bordering on something else. Will it go to the next level? I can’t say. But they have a kinship of common suffering that Matt will never understand.

How did the transformation change Tyler?
That was too much for him. It’s too much to bear. He doesn’t ever, ever want to go through that again. And if there’s a chance he won’t, he’ll do anything.

What is going on with Jonas and Luca?
The second half of the season will really delve into the relationships between Jonas, Elijah and Klaus. We start to answer who they are, who they were, how they know each other, what they are to each other, what they’re up to and how Mystic Falls factors into it. And by Mystic Falls, I mean Elena.

Is John Gilbert coming back?
Of course. He comes back as a result of Isobel...  We don’t know what he’s up to, what his agenda is or why he’s back. It certainly can’t be because he’s decided to be a good father... He brings up so much potential in terms of how ugly and mean and bad this lifestyle can make you. He works on all the courses – he’s Elena’s real father, so you have that emotional tie. He’s complete fodder for Katherine, who chopped his fingers off.

He’s there, he’s entrenched in everyone’s life. I’m all about potential and if you are a character with potential, you’ll be brought back. 

Will Rose die?
We implied that a bite was fatal, but those legends are tricky. You don’t always know. We are going to show what happens when a werewolf bites a vampire in very much the same way the Tyler curse played out. I think there needs to be a true jeopardy when a werewolf bites a vampire, or there’s no real conflict. Then a vampire can just kill anyone.

The werewolf needs to truly be a threat to a vampire on a full moon. They need to want to stay home, lock their doors and hide because if you get nicked, it’s a horrible, horrible, horrible ordeal.

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John gilbert is so boring, cannot wait for Caroline and Tyler to get closer


NO NO NO !! I want Caroline to be with Matt :(


2oo% on tyler and caroline for me I love them so much I want them together screw the other characters their to boring


I have a feeling that Tyler is going to bite Caroline when he finds out about the secrets. I hope not though I really want those two together!


Woah. It definitely would've been cool if it were Damon bitten. Not that I want him suffering like that and possibly dying. But just the idea of it can already make you foresee how something like that will change everything for everyone.

Anna maria

ugh I can't believe that we have to wait so long to get the next episode! I'm really loving Caroline and Tyler! my fave couple right now! I'm also loving Damon's relationship with Rose.. I hope she doesn't die. I think he should have been the one to be would have made a grander finale and I would love to see everyone, especially Elena and Stephen, desperate to save him!


when I first read the part about Tyler and Caroline being "100% in a relationship" my heart pounced with joy...until I saw the next word "friendship" WTF??? goddamn!


Very interesting and intriguing! I love the direction that's leading towards Tyler and Caroline and I completely agree that there's a specific dichotomy between them that Matt can never live up to. As for the transformation of Tyler, it was really hard to watch but based on the answers give here, it's as if they're going to find a way to make that stop happening. Is that really possible? Although, in a show like this, anything is possible. I'm definitely looking forward to more revelations on Jonas, Elijah, and Klaus. Interesting to see what all these people with such power can do and how Elena plays into the whole thing. And as for the Rose story, the promo is eerie because the actress portrays it well. If I were a vampire and I saw that happening to someone bit, I would definitely lock my doors on a full moon.


110% in love with the Tyler and Caroline relationship. I wasn't before but they really stole the last episode
Matt who!? ;)


oh god tyler is sooooo good i think his storyline is amazing!!! and he really took over the last episode with his transformation we should definately get to watch him more!!!

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