The Vampire Diaries Preview: Hot Statherine Action?!?

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This week's action-packed episode of The Vampire Diaries concluded with Stefan and Katherine trapped inside the tomb together.

It gets rather boring in there, so can you really blame two hot blood suckers for filling that time with some intense, up-against-the wall action? Okay, when one of them is dating the other's doppleganger, I suppose you can.

But will Stefan and Katherine really hook up on next week's midseason finale, "By the Light of the Moon?" This preview implies as much, but we encourage fans to not draw any conclusions until they watch events unfold...

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Finally! This just leads the way for a Damon & Elena hook up, relationship or whatever.
And now that Stefan's such a badass and Kat is too, this will be quite funny.
Can't wait for Damon & Elena! Epic 2x08 scene! And this comes from a former S&E supporter! :)


i totally agree... do not make any conclusions until the episode has aired.....i am so excited about this weeks episode.... Stefan and Elena forever man!!!


Am I the only one who thinks it's gross that they're gonna bang when Kathrine hasn't showered in weeks? Lol


I don't think Stefan and Katherine are going to sleep together. A lot of spoilers say that "Stefan and Katherine play mind games with each other". This means that Katherine is probably just messing with Stefan's head (like at the beginning of S2E4)


I don't think stephan will sleep with her, cause the promo is barely what it seems. It always surprises you when you watch the show your like "but I thought.... but it was still a great episode dispite what I thought!" but hopefully Damon and Elena do get together! Cause it barely showed them


HOT! But i still don't think it's gonna happen in the reality, either it's stefan's dream or elena's. Yet, I wouldn't mind watching that scene, Paul Wesley shirtless! m m m...


YUMMM!!! Good GOD, I hope this is real and not fantasy or dream and I cannot wait til next week!


i agree, this is so not gonna happen in guess that the scenes in the tomb are just Elenas dream (nightmare!?) as shes afraid sth could be going down between Stefan and Katherine while they are being locked up together...


This is so not going to happen unless its a dream sequence Stefan wouldn't do that to Elena no matter what and they always try to confuse you with their previews! I am a Delena all the way but I would hate to see him and Elena get together because of that.
Ahh Cannot wait for the episode!! Cannot believe only one more ep until their holiday hiatus thing :(


Why does everyone keep insinuating that Stefan would be cheating on Elena if he had sex with Katherine? They're not together anymore. Boy is free to stick his discostick where ever he wants.

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