TV Fanatic Mid-Season Report Card: Private Practice

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With our favorite prime time shows on hiatus, TVF is taking a look back at some buzzed-about programs and grading their performance this fall, with a look toward 2011.

Our first mid-season report card recipient: Private Practice.

Best episode: The aptly-titled "Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?" Taking place in the immediate aftermath of her brutal attack, with the focus on each character's emotional response, the pacing was appropriate and the acting brilliant.

Shattered Charlotte

Best character: Charlotte would be an easy call after the way KaDee Strickland has carried the season's defining storyline. So would Addison, the always-conflicted but likable lead. But we're going with Sam. Do we really need to explain why, ladies?

Worst character: Naomi. This isn't to say that we dislike the character per se, nor is it meant to disparage Audra McDonald's performance. It just seems like there's been less of a place for her this season and it's hard to see how she fits in going forward.

Best relationship: Sam and Addison. We were happy when Pete and Violet made it official, but it's the former medical school friends who really heat up the screen.

Best storyline: The assault on Charlotte. It's hard to call a drawn-out plot line in which a major character gets raped the "best" anything, but the way it was handled right away and in the following handful of episodes made for compelling television.

No one knows quite what to make of it. That includes the victim, her fiance, their co-workers, and even some fans. How would you move past this? Or live through it?

This, Dell's death and the theft of Violet's baby have all been landmark stories for the Grey's Anatomy spinoff, but the striking realism makes this one the best of all.

Hopes for 2011: Charlotte and Cooper continuing to work through the attack. Sam and Addison getting pregnant ... or maybe, given her fertility situation, adopting.

Pete coming to grips with the demons from his past. Amelia and Sheldon getting together ... or at least getting more screen time. Another Mark Sloan visit. Please?

Overall grade: B+.

Do you agree with TV Fanatic's take? Disagree? Care to expound on anything in particular? What do you hope to see more of next year? Share your comments below!

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Thank you so much bekki because now I don't feel like the odd one out. The moment I saw 4x05 I instantaneously fell in love with an Amelia/Sheldon pairing and so far I've only found people who hate it so thank you.


Kate Walsh and Taye Diggs love working together it shows onscreen, it's so nice to see them in and out of the PrP set. PCA's AddiSam sketch was Hilarious and hot. Addisam are the IT couple of Private Practice there is no doubts. Shonda did it again. Love them


Kate Walsh and Taye Diggs were adorable on the PCA's tonight. The AddiSam make out clip with Queen Latifa was so funny. I do love AddiSam on PrP. They have such AMAZING chemistry!


The crossovers can be entertaining but they're simply a result from lackluster storylines. I really think they should pursue this season without any Grey's crossover because they're capable of doing that. They don't need any interference from an SGH doctor to boost ratings because they can survive without them.


I love AddiSam and want them to get a baby.. Also I agree the Geys/PrP crossovers are dumb and ridiculous the Derek/Addison/Mark thing is just awful and makes addison no favors. also I hope she remains faithful to Sam. Enough with addison the cheater.


uhm..that was a lengthy post there below, but I have to agree. I'm beginning to loathe the grey's/practice crossovers. i watch both shows, but on grey's in particular, there's already way too many characters, so when addison comes back, it gives the ones i watch on grey's even less time than they already have. no offense to kate walsh, but she left grey's to star in her own show, so why keep coming back? it makes no sense. no more on the crossovers. char/coop are my fave couple on pp, followed by addisam. rooting for both of them.


To whoever say's "Let's face it, the crossovers are fun" I beg to differ and I know many who agree. They've gotten old. Let's see..Addison shows up and the entire hospital slows to a crawl as virtually EVERY surgeon stops what they are doing to dote on her. I LOVE Addison, but the more they do this silliness, the less I like it. I love Addy far more on PP now and though I loved Mark and Addison (Maddison), I agree with Patrick Dempsey who for a long time has said he has no understanding of how Derek would even remain friends with Addison after what she did to him with his childhood best friend Mark. Dempsey did not even promote the S5 addek centric FA/PP crossovers and refused interviews for it, and to be honest, I'm not surprised. For goodness sakes, how can I believe that Addison truly has moved on when she constantly comes back to Seattle for the lamest of reasons? Derek is married, Mark has also moved on. Deane so far, has had no plans to leave GA, and Dempsey who's one of the lead actor on GA doesn't support addek nor the crossovers openly and has been honest about it, critics are now poking fun of them and even GA ratings don't spike anymore when Addison comes back. Please let that alone and as someone else said here, stop letting the wonderful Private Practice be Grey's "red headed stepchild" by the inspirational-less crossovers already. PS. I do like Addison/Sam. Think Sam's concerns over a family is understandable, but does not rule out that he will consider it, and the last thing we need in terms of a SL is Addy cheating AGAIN or quickly crossing from one hot doctor to the next. I mean, she can't take back sleeping with all of Derek's friends now, the deed has been done. At least let her stick to the AddiSam love story now cause to end the AddiSam relationship at this point just makes Addison seem a little desperate and lacking any kind of self respect at all. Kate Walsh and her character Addison deserves better than that. Kate/Private Practice is awesome!


I'm Total Team AddiSam. Also Sam is definitely hottie material.


I agree about AddiSam. I love their relationship and sooner rather than later Sam is going to agree about the baby thing. His resistance is making all the storyline more interesting. him just agreeing is all Blah. he should question his ability to be a good parent after the Maya mess. Worst Character: Naomi and Pete.
Best Charaters: Charlote, Addison, Sheldon, Sam, Amelia Best storyline: Addisam/baby drama Hopes for 2011
More Addisam I'm ok with a Mark visit just to see Addison happy and pregnant with Sam's baby.


Best episode: "Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?" Best character: Sam Bennett, Amelia, Charlotte
Worst character: Pete
Best relationship: I Love Addison and Sam for the obvious reasons and Glad I'm not the only one. Best storyline: Addisam/baby drama Hopes for 2011 AddiSam/baby storyline I dont care at all about Mark either, he kinda sucks. Addison/Mark/Derek? In what world are people living that's so OVER and was so painful to watch... what the fesh

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