TV Fanatic Mid-Season Report Card: The Vampire Diaries 12/28/2010

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With our favorite prime time shows on hiatus, TV Fanatic is taking a look back at some buzzed-about programs and grading their performance this fall, with a look toward 2011.

Previously this week, we gave a solid grade to The Good Wife. Up now: The Vampire Diaries.

Best episode: "Kill or Be Killed." Surprises sprung up in seemingly every scene on this installment, which concluded with the revelation that Katherine was working with Mason. This development would lead to the latter's death, which has now led to the presence of more werewolves in Mystic Falls.

The Salvatore Siblings

Best character: Damon seemed like too obvious of a selection... but for good reason. If there were more heartbreaking scenes on TV this fall than Damon telling Elena he loved her, only to then compel her to forget, well, I haven't seen any.

Worst character: Jeremy means well. He's also built up a nice physique. But, let's face it, the guy is boring. I don't blame Bonnie for her lack of attraction.

Most impressive cast member: Nina Dobrev. Ian Somerhalder may get the best lines, and Paul Wesley broods with the best of them, but Dobrev goes from Elena to Katherine, from sweet to mischievous, with apparent ease. It's been a pleasure to watch.

Biggest surprise: Caroline would have been in the running for Worst Character, but her transformation into a vampire has breathed new life into this blonde... literally! The new Caroline brims with self-confidence and has found a well-meaning mission in her quest to assist Tyler.

Best addition: New characters enter Mystic Falls more often than Damon raises his eyebrows. But Rose has made the most permanent impression. She's helped reveal yet another human side to our favorite Salvatore sibling.

Hopes for 2011: More of the same, really. The show may run out of momentum at some point, but I'm happy to sit back and enjoy the ride while it continues to be this unexpected and suspenseful. I'll also be happy to see more of Dobrev in black lingerie.

Overall grade: A.

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Best character: Caroline/Tyler Worst character: Jeremy/Bonnie (I like them together though) Most impressive cast member: Nina Dobrev/Candica Accola Biggest surprise: Caroline's turn or Forwood! Best addition: Rose/Elijah Hopes for 2011: Gilwood/Lockbert/Teremy/Jyler - whatever they're called! I know it's not going to happen but a girl's allow to wish ;) Overall grade: A-.


Best Epi:The Return
Best character: Damon
Worst character: bonnie so irritatin at times..
Most impressive cast member: Ian & Nina..gr8 actors, play all emotions veryy well
Biggest surprise: Damon confessing his love 2 elena..awwww! nd caroline as an vampire..nd liking taylor
Best addition:......
Hopes for 2011: Delena story to move forward, atleast a kiss between them end of season 2!
Overall grade: A


Best character: Damon hands down..jus adore him
Worst character: bonnie & stefan (hes annoying, no offence)
Most impressive cast member: Ian & Nina
Biggest surprise: Caroline as an vampire
Best addition: rose, tho i dnt really like her, but she has been a true understanding friend to damon..
Hopes for 2011: a real kiss between delena, this time elena making the first move..
Overall grade: A.


Best character: Damon


sorry fo the typing and grammatical mistakes... the deamon of typography...
Biggest surprise: the spell that physically connected Elena/Kathrene and prevented Damon and Stefan from killing her. It was really clever and saved her life (at least for now).
My overall rate: A+++


Best episode: How I will ever choose? ;)
maybe The Return and Masquerade
Best character: for me Stefan by far...he is the archetype of the male for me protective with those he loves, giving, loving, selfless, helping all those he thinks need him (Elena, Jeremy, Caroline, Damon) but also a man with a capital M, decesive, aggresive when needed and so tender with the chosen of his heart...I do not find him a bit boring!
Worst character: I hate to say it but Jenna is always a messenger of bad news... someone has to tell her to NOT invite strangers in the house. Asode from that I would not like her to be killed as her being so oblivious and naive grounds a little bit the show and makes it feel more human friendly!
Best addition: Elija. I would really like to know more about him. From what we have seen he is a man of honour: he kept his promise (although very carefully worded) to Rose and spared her life, he kept his part of the deal to Elena and freed Stefan but is he good after all? What is he up to and what are his motives? Will he become an ally or will he become the one to hand her over to Klaus?
Hopes for 2011: I would like to see all stories progress, meaning 1) will stefan/damon and all people trying to protect Elena find a way to protect Elena...Katherine gave a clue by telling Stefan to ask Elena's mother to help with her research abilities in finding Klaus. Will she be eager to help? I do not know 2) I would like to see mor love between Stefan and Elena, more action between Caroline/Matt/Tyler, Bonnie and Jeremy coming closer, Alaric's and Jenna's relationship evolve 3) what about the warlocks of the show? Which is their part in all this? They are helping Elija but are they good? Why are they loyal to him? We have seen Luca being a little annoyed by what his father has asked him to do with the moonstone, fulling Bonnie in the process... Is she going to find out and how will she react to this? 4) How many warewolves are there? Will they come to mystic falls? Do they want to break the spell or not? Is their bite fatal to vampires? Will Rose recover from it? What exactly "you've been marked" means? Will Tyler find out that Caroline is not the only vampire in town and how will he react? Will he be forced to choose sides and what that will bring to the stories? So many questions! To sum up I am looking forward fo the show to return on screen. Keep up the good work! From the dialogues and lines that help in unfolding the characters, to the sceneries, costumes, cast and performances this show rocks. What I love most? The characters have multiple layers: From Damon who can be a total ash in one minute and the most unselfish person the other, to Elena who is always so sweet and caring and loving but manages somehow to look Elija straight in the eyes and negotiate a deal with him and finally Kathrene who although is no doubt a manipulating beach has showed some breaks in her emotional armour....


Best Episode: Rose/Masquerade/Plan B
Best Character: Damon, though I like Katherine too
Worst Character: I don't agree about Jeremy, I think he's been really interesting and has evolved a lot. I actually see him as a junior Damon a lot of time. Matt/Jenna are pretty pointless in the show
Most Impressive: Nina Dobrev for sure. She switches from Katherine to Elena with so much ease! :)
Biggest Surprise: Damon snapping Jeremy's neck, Elena/Katherine connection in Masquarade, Damon confessing his love.
Best Addition: Elijah/Rose
Hopes for 2011: Elijah/Klaus storyline, Damon/Elena progression, Jeremy finding someone to love, Tyler/Caroline/Matt, more Alaric!
Overall Grade: A* (One of the best shows so far! - The challenge would be to keep up with the marvellous storytelling pace!)


AGREE!!DUH!!!but change it to a A+ + +

Angel 96

Best Episode - By the light of the moon
Best Character - Damon follwed closely by Jeremy and Caroline
Worst Character - Rose closely followed by Stefan, Elena and Jenna
Most Impressive Cast member - Nina Dobrev
Biggest Surpise - Caroline turning
Best Addition - Elijah
Hopes For 2011 - Delena, Beremy, Forwood



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