Wilson Cruz to Guest Star on Grey's Anatomy

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Grey's Anatomy returns January 6, and when it does, former Felicity star Scott Foley continues his heavy duty guest starring role as Teddy's new project / husband.

In the January 13 episode, "Start Me Up," (see photo gallery) we will be seeing another blast from the past in the form of Wilson Cruz of My So-Called Life fame.

According to reports, the actor will play a man whose partner gets injured by a freak accident on their wedding day. Here's a shot of him from the episode ...

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heck yeah i used to love my so called life!


WILSON!! I LOVE him .. ever since MSCL


I can see M/L getting back together, but getting engaged, in the next 2 episodes, for some reason I can't see that...unless when the college shooting happens they relive everyhting and realize life is too short, bla bla but idk


I meant, Mark WOULD'NT flirt with her.....sorry..:)


Also not ALL of this sides are actually happening they always put 1 or 2 in here justy to make it hard to figure out who who is...
My tips:
Christina with Fred
MerDer with Hudson
Alex with Diara
M/L with Kiara
and Callie with the gay couple...
And for Edward and Laurel...prob. April, Jackson, and Owen but i cant help but feel weird about these two sides bc i cant imagen who would say ... Dude out!...even though the case would be Marks speciality and with Laurel, the doctor who "medicaled the medical from scrath" was Callie, i mean she even said that herself back than BUT Considering the gay couple is surely gonna happen than it cant be Callie who Laurel is flirting with and also one would say that doing sutures is something Mark would do but not necesserly and Mark would flirt with her considering Mark and Lexie are gonna spend the rest of the season caring for and repairing their relationship(Eric Dane said this himself just as he said that Mark and Little Grey get back together:)


Fred (Med student) - First scene has a patient (Tom) getting a CT, Fred and Dr. Smith are looking at the scans. Fred can't differentiate between the tumor, adrenal gland, kidney, spleen and Dr. Smith points everything out for him. Fred and Dr. Smith help Tom out of the CT and into a wheelchair. He asks Fred how the tumor looks, Fred looks horrified and Dr. Smith tells Tom he's fine. Tom asks then why does Fred look like he's going to **** himself, asks if he's going to die. Fred stutters, says that's just his face and to pretend he's not even there. Tom asks Fred again what he saw. Fred says he'll be OK and that his uncle had his kidney removed. Tom is confused/panicked, Fred apologizes and feels terrible.
Dr. Smith finds Fred sitting on a bench. He feels embarrassed and tells Dr. Smith that after college he got a PhD and then went to medical school. He's at the top of his class and he knows Dr. Smith thinks he's an idiot but he's only ever seen stuff in textbooks and never up close. He apologizes and tells Dr. Smith to think whatever she wants of him. Dr. Smith tells him to count to ten in his head or out loud whenever he feels a panic attack coming on and if he loses track, to never give up. Fred says he feels like an ass and to disregard his evaluation. He explains that they had to turn in evaluations and he used the word 'heartless' to describe her, asks if he should ask the Chief to redo the evaluation. Dr. Smith tells him to just go.
Hudson (Med student) - Dr. Jones is showing Dr. Smith a surgical technique using Hudson's bald head. Dr. Jones pulls out a surgical marker, starts drawing on Hudson's head and he's horrified. Dr. Jones says he probably shouldn't have used permanent marker and apologizes, Hudson rushes out.
Brady and Kyle - gay couple who went to City Hall to sign the papers for a State-Recognized Domestic Partnership. Brady got injured because the bagpipers started playing and scared the horses that ran him over. Dr. Smith relocates his shoulders into their sockets before he goes to surgery.
Dr. Smith updates Kyle on Brady's surgery, says everything went well and he'll be awake soon. Kyle asks if he'll walk again. Dr. Smith says Brady's recovery will be slow and painful and Kyle should be prepared for that. Kyle is nearly in tears from the guilt and begins a long speech: He knows Dr. Smith thinks he's silly with the bagpipers and horse drawn carriage, Brady thinks he's silly too. But they don't get a marriage in Washington, they get a State-Recognized Domestic Partnership which is going to City Hall to wait in line and sign some papers or mailing them in. He just wanted the Big Day everyone else gets, he wanted it to be special. He fought for it, organized rallies, stood in the cold outside the State House, waited and still the answer was no. They got tired of waiting so when they went to sign the papers, Kyle wanted it to be feel special and not like some trip to the DMV but instead he nearly killed Brady. Dr. Smith says things don't always go the way you want then to. Last scene has Brady waking up, Kyle apologizing profusely, Brady saying he knows Kyle wanted their day to be special and to stop apologizing because he forgives him.
Daria - Her parents are Sophia and Jared. Dr. Smith presents the case - Daria is 15 and was born with an eye condition that leaves her vulnerable to severe eye injuries. Daria is a sports-obsessed tomboy and with her condition no balls can go flying to her head but she just wants to play something (volleyball, softball, basketball...). The originally planned surgery would dramatically improve Daria's quality of life but the types of sports she wants to play would be out of question. The alternative is an experimental surgery involving cadaver bones transplanted to Daria's face which would allow her to play the sports she wants. The parents are hesitant because the surgery is experimental and risky. Mom says it's only sports and Daria is good at other things like painting and drawing. Daria says that's because that is all she's been allowed to do, she's a tomboy but she's never been able to BE a tomboy. If they don't let her have this chance to be who she really is she'll be prone to teen depression, eating disorders, drug addiction and is that what they want. Mom lovingly says Daria is too smart for her own good, Daria answers it's because all she does is read and begs her parents to let her be a dumb jock. Parents are scared but convinced.
Kira - Med student, entitled, chatty. She's waiting for Dr. Smith outside the women's room. Dr. Smith comes out, tells Kira they're on Dr. Jones' service. Kira asks if he's nice, Dr. Smith says he's her fiance, so she kind of have to say he's nice. Kira is relieved Dr. Smith is not one of those "obsessed with their job but cold and dead inside surgeons". Dr. Smith wants to stop Kira from her questioning, but Kira continues to ask her if Jones and her met in med school...... Next scene has Smith and Kira standing outside the CT room watching Jones wait for a patient's scans. Kira says Smith is lucky to see that at work all day and go home to it at night. Smith smiles tightly and leaves. Next scene: Smith and Kira watch Jones tape gauze over a patient's closed incision. Smith asks Kira if she wants to have a better look, Kira looks up from her phone. Smith asks if she was texting, and Kira says she was just telling her boyfriend about this and asks if she can send him a picture. Smith and Jones both say no. Last scene has Smith and Kira at the nurses station. Kira asks how long the post-op exam takes, and Smith tells her to go, since she's not interested in learning anything. Kira denies this, and Smith says she had the chance to look inside someone's skin, but she was looking at her phone, and instead of asking medical questions, she asked about her fiance. Kira rebukes that Smith has been sneaking off all day and she saw wedding magazines in her locker. Her asking about Jones was just her trying to get on her good side, and that she thought they had a lot in common. Kira leaves.
Edward - very similar setup of scenes to Kira's. Smith and Edward are standing outside the CT room watching Jones wait for a patient's scans. Edward asks if they can go in and see the scans, Smith says the room is too small, and they should just wait. Smith says it was a floating pelvis, and it's hell of a wedding day. Edward then says "They say if you want to **** off God, just tell him your plans". They all turn to look at Edward, and Smith says "Dude! Out!". Next scene has Smith and Edward watch Jones tape gauze over a patient's closed incision. The patient suddenly is in V-fib, Jones wants to cut. Edward asks if it's hyperkalemia, Smith's done with him and wants him out. Edward is terrified but stays. Jones has the scalpel posed over the patient's abdomen, and Edward explains his reasoning for suggesting hyperkalemia. Jones listens and gives the patient the necessary fluids. The patient stabilizes. Edward says they were just taught that on Friday. Jones praises him for the save, Edward beams so hard Smith can't help but smile too.
Laurel - a super hot med student slides up to D. Smith. She asks him if he was the doctor who "medicaled the medical from scratch". Dr. Smith says "not scratch, but that's me". Laurel says "badass" and she's really interested in that sort of medicine. Dr. Smith offers to show her another one in the lab after rounds. Next scene is Smith and Laurel doing rounds. Laurel leans over to Smith and asks him how he keeps from getting depressed from seeing sick people all day. Smith replies that they help each other. If someone's having a tough day, they know they can always come to him. Last scene is at the cafeteria. Smith is teaching Laurel a suture on a kit, guiding her hand and speaking softly. He compliments on her suture skills and says she's a fast learner. Laurel says she has a good teacher and smiles, totally into Smith, and Smith loves it.
Something about the Daria sides - in her parents' sides (Jared and Sophia), her name is Susan and instead of needing something to fix her facial disfiguration, she's waiting for an operation that will give her a fully functional leg. Also, Dr. Smith presents on her case, so the main doctor involved is probably Alex, though there should also be an attending involved (no mention of another doctor, though). Strange thing about 712 sides is that there were a few versions of the same scene setup, like Kira and Edward, and Daria/Susan. But we have to add that this was often the case with previous sides too they do that on purpose.and of course the names are diff. And dont let the HE fool you with while reading laurels side. And for the engagemant Mark/Lexie are not just the only possibility but if you look closely the medical case they are handling is Marks area of expertise.....


where is this?!!


I think she means the sides where Mexie is engaged and med students come to SGH and there is this gay couple and Callie flirts with a student....


uhhhhhh 6.12? you mean 7.12 if you dont even know which season it is, why should we believe you


Um what rumour is that??!! It better NOT be about Callie being pregnant coz if that happens I will SO BE OVER the RIDICULOUSNESS of this show!

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Burke was- He took something from me. He took little pieces of me, little pieces over time, so small I didn't even notice, you know? He wanted me to be something I wasn't, and I made myself into what he wanted. One day I was me Cristina Yang, and then suddenly I was lying for him, and jeopardizing my career, and agreeing to be married and wearing a ring, and being a bride. Until I was standing there in a wedding dress with no eyebrows, and I wasn't Cristina Yang anymore. And even then, I would've married him. I would have. I lost myself for a long time. And now that I'm finally me again, I can't. I love you. I love you more than I loved Burke. I love you. And that scares the crap out of me because when you asked me to ignore Teddy's page, you took a piece of me, and I let you. And that will never happen again.