Adam Busch to Guest Star on Grey's Anatomy

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Shonda Rhimes is an unabashed Joss Whedon fan.

Not surprisingly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer fixtures Seth Green, Amber Benson and Nicholas Brendon have guested on Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice in the past.

Now, Adam Busch is poised to join that club.


Busch, who Buffy fans know as Warren, one of the dastardly Geek Trio who contributed to the death of Amber Benson's Tara, will appear in January 13's "Start Me Up."

At Seattle Grace, he will be playing a first-year resident who must shadow Dr. Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh). At the moment, Busch's role is planned for just one episode.

Hopefully this means Yang is back to her old self, even if it doesn't bode well for the new resident. Cristina in her element can mean (hilarious) snarky put-downs.

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I'd like to see him getting a piece of the snarky version of Yang. That'll be interesting. @Kimmii Based on the picture, I think he'd make a good evil rapist but the context of Private Practice was that Lee McHenry is somewhat mentally deranged. Not sure he can play that part too well or if he'd match it at all.


who "contributed" to Tara's death? Haha, he shot her with a gun! What a contribution!


The producers of Grey's must be fans of the Buffyverse, you mentionned Amber Benson, Seth Green and Nicholas Brendon, But Emma Caulfield, Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker also played in Private Practice!


He looks interesting....


Who is that guy? I have never heard of him, and he is ugly (for me).


I look forward to getting to know his character.


He's hot. Hope he's in more than one episode. Keep him and dump April. ;D


Tb sou de portugal :)


Wonder if they are going to rip his skin out this time too... Ps:IF I WROTE ANYTHING WRONG IM SORRY. im only 12 and im portuguese


He should've been the evil rapist and Nicholas should be Yang's resident. :)

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