Bones Spoilers: A Pivotal Moment, A Juicy Conversation

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Will they or won't they? When will they?

It's hard to watch Bones and not wonder about the status of Booth and Brennan pretty much constantly. Will the second half of this season finally unite them for good?

According to creator Hart Hanson (via TV Line), in April, the two Bs are “trapped in an elevator together. It’s one of those things where they’re forced to be together."

"They have to figure some things out. It’s a pivotal moment.”

The Gamer in the Grease Scene

B-SQUARED: Will they be together, or are such teasers too good to be true?

If Booth and Brennan do get together, that would mean Hannah being dispatched in one way or another. Michaela Conlin (Angela) hits at that particular development:

“We have a big discussion about her,” Conlin reveals of her character and Emily Deschanel's Brennan. “One word: juicy. It’s a very juicy conversation. Spoiler alert!”

Bones returns January 20. Theories and comments on the above items, as well as the rumor going around about the two proposals to come this spring, are welcomed.

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I like that finally Brennan and Angela talks. But please please do not just brush over the fact how Booth has acted toward Brennan this whole season. They can not just get together after all this sh*t. Then maybe it will be possible to at least get back to watching the show again.


*celebratory dance* The good old "trapped in an elevator" moment... Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay!!!

Bones Quotes

Seriously, you didn't know how that was gonna end?


Booth: Come on Bones, you don't believe that there are other real life forms out there?
Bones: Well the ... probability is very high, but any alien visiting this planet would have sufficient intelligence not to die in the middle of the desert.

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