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Castle Kiss: Watch Now!

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You've read about it. You've wondered if it will really take place.

You've seen an episode photo and still had your doubts.

But on January 24, it will really come true: Rick Castle will kiss Kate Beckett. It's unclear what events lead to this monumental event, although the murder of the latter's mother plays a role on the episode and such a personal wound may bring these two closer than ever before.

Either way, we've got your first look at the make out session below. The clip only lasts for seven seconds, but they are a must-watch seven seconds for all fans:

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    We are your biggest fans of richard castle and you beckett


    I've never seen a kiss between an on screen couple be so anticipated or broadcasted, it's amazing how much attention the kiss between Castle and Beckett has been getting. That said it is seven seconds of a pretty darn steamy kiss so its differently deserving of the mass attention it’s getting, I got to see the ep ‘knockdown’ a few days ago and has anyone else (who have seen it) noticed that Castle hatched one of his crazy plans to get passed a bad guy but the kiss itself wasn't part of the plan? It was Castle's idea (no surprise there) but he got more than he bargained for. S3 has been a real stunner fantastic laughs gripping plots and can they turn the tension up any higher with these two, S3 is totally the best by fair.




    its soooooo a dream and she looks retarded there. i bet its going to be the actress playing beckett and castle thought it was beckett but its actually the actress


    I agree with Wapiti. Looks like a decoy.


    no it seems as if after their first kiss they were shocked and surprised so then beckett kissed him again in this scene n if you see clearly her eyes are open for a bit then she shuts them
    sooo im guessing its real!!! hope there together


    what in the world, lol it looks good when it first started but her eyes are open, y lol. i donk think it was a real kiss.


    Well this is a second kiss. Or a first. You can see in the promo that she smiles, so the two kisses can't be the same!


    i keep hitting replay trying to find some kind of secret hidden message, so far..... nothin


    ummmmm why are her eyes open. somethings up. this isnt a real kiss =(