Chloe Returns to Smallville: First Look!

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On January 28, Smallville won't just return with a new episode titled "Collateral."

It will also reunite Chloe with Oliver.

Allison Mack will make her first appearance on the show since the season premiere. As seen here, Chloe will be anxious to meet up with the man for whom she gave up her freedom in September, handing herself over to the Suicide Squad:

Return of Chloe

“They’re going to get together and talk about what happened, why she left,” Justin Hartley told TV Line. “They’ll try to patch things up."

Oliver and Chloe will also spend time with Alaina Huffman's Black Canary, the character the former actually marries in DC Comics lore. It's unknown in what relationship direction the series will go.

But we do know that Mack will stick around for five of the final Smallville episodes.

Collateral Scene

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Yeah take that stupid comment down whats his problem? Some people are just rude to be rude which I find sad. That post definitely needs to be removed.


Is there a way to flag a comment on here for removal? The rude and childish post made by "Matt" on 01/13 to "Dee" was completely uncalled for and needs to me deleted. Aside from that I'm glad Chloe will be returning and hope the show ends with a bang, instead of something weak and forgettable.

Erica rose

Chloes back!!!! Well as soon I saw the pictures I knew it and screamed!!!!!!!!! How awesome!!!!!


I literally screamed. We all know Lois and Clark end up together and yay for that cause they're great but Oliver and Dinah have the worst relationship one of the worst in DC comics there is nothing meaningful about their relationship. I'm psyched to see Allison Mack back! She's the reason I've stuck around for the past 9 now 10 years of Smallville. Uh yeah! Chloe deserves her happiness and I'm praying, hoping that it's with Oliver!! They're fun to watch and I really do believe that there are deep feelings there between them Oliver's definitely shown that in the past 11 episodes. I think they both tried to deny it as best as they could but in the end who can really deny love?! lol That's cheesy but I love Chlollie! Give Chloe her happy ending with her knight in shining leather!


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I am with Gerald. Show us a final resolution in Chloe and Clark.
Aside from that, I hope Allison Mack sticks around for a while. I know that she only signed on for 5 episodes, but hopefully her contract gets extended! :D


I hope Chloe do not say anything about their future as a couple or something like that.. I mean, we know Green Arrow is meant to be with Black Canary in the comics... But give me a break... Chloe deserves happiness and I think this couple have an amazing chemistry and yes... I am a huge fan of Chloe. :)


Since Chloe is sporting black leather, and not green, I think she and Oliver will break up, paving the way for a deeper Green Arrow-Black Canary relationship. Actually, I am more interested in the resolution of Chloe and Clark's relationship.


Loved Alaina's hair these days. Hope to see Ollie/Dinah interact more...

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