Coming to Glee: Luck!

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Finchel, Suinn... Luck?!?

It sounds like Glee viewers will need to get used to a new acronym, as Mark Salling tells Michael Ausiello it will "be a while" until there's any chance of his character and Quinn rekindling their romance.

But Puck won't be alone for very long: sources say his relationship with Lauren will "evolve into a full-blown romance" before the season is through.

Sounds like someone is about to get her Christmas wish. What do you think of this looming development? Sound off in our Glee forum.

Wishing for Puckerman

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I honestly didn't even know who the heck Lauren was , but now that I see her . . . Ummm . . . I have nothing against big girls . I think everyone needs love , but as for her and Puck together it just doesn't fit with me . They're relationship doesn't even look like it could be a relationship . Some people match together and as for Lauren and Puck they are as far from a match . They're like two positive charges they don't go together ! (I think so...Maybe I should go back to Chemistry . :p)


Can all of you really be that petty? So she doesn't look like a cheerleader, if you love someone it doesn't matter what they look like. Granted I think he should be with Quinn, Rachel with Finn, but using a reason to not like it just based on the fact that she isn't as pretty? Wow guys grow up it happens in real life.


Seriously? Luck? I have absolutely nothing with a hottie being in a relationship with a girl thats fat but this is just nonsense. Glee has become nonsense. Puck told Quinn he LOVES her! Ugh, we dont even know what happened between them when they were together! And when Quinn got with Sam we were all expecting Puck to at least show feelings towards the relationship. The Quick fanbase is one of the strongest ones and yes it seems like Puck and Quinn dont even dare to look at each other in the eye. :(


So, does Ryan Murphy hate straight guys or what? This is such a lame idea. It's a sight gag that they already used, that they are going to stretch out till it isn't funny. Like Jacob Ben Israel, they don't know when to quit. Only on a TV show does the sexy stud hook up with the fat girl. LAME. Not all that funny either.


Just remember...when Puck recruited Lauren...he did say that she kinda rocked his world....after she "rescued him" from the outhouse... Who knows what happened...and Lauren may think that he is hot...but she could be using him just as much as he might be using her...


OMGGGG that is the most screwed up thing i have ever heard.... LAUREN AND PUCK?! BUT SHE...SHE SHE SHE...SHE...SHEEEEEE IS LIKE FAT AND UGLY AND :/
and he is like cute and handsome and UP THERE.
i canNOT imagine them together.


Seriously, Ryan Murphy stop fucking around and put Quinn and Puck back together! Honestly, I have no idea what happened between last season and the beginning of this one to have them break-up. Sam is too much of a pretty boy for her. They just don't fit. Finchel fits, the geek and the quarterback. Quick fits, the bad boy and the head cheerleader. Lauren and Puck???!!! Was it that??? Ryan Murphy get your head out of your ass and start producing quality SL.


Puck and Lauren? omg, this show will become fucked up.


Quick!Quick!Quick!Quick!Quick!Quick!Quick! I want Quick!!
I don't really even get why Lauren is in the show, she is kind off in the way, I want Quinn and Puck now


Oh my fucking god.
Trollmurphs, give me my fucking quick or I will kill you.

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Glee Quotes

[to Finn] You know, I don't really know what's going to happen between us, but I know that you used to be the guy that would make me feel like the most special girl in the whole world, and it doesn't feel that way anymore. Now it just feels sad and confusing. And the worst part is that it doesn't even feel that bad anymore.


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