Gossip Girl Instant Reaction: "Damien Darko" Discussion!

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Well? What did you think of tonight's Gossip Girl?

Did you enjoy "Damien Darko" and the developments taking shape for the Upper East Siders? Why or why not? Discuss in our Gossip Girl forum and/or by leaving comments!

Our review, quotes, music list, future Gossip Girl spoilers and Round Table discussion will be posted ASAP. Right now, TV Fanatics, we give you the floor. Weigh in here ...

Colorful B

What did you think of "Damien Darko"?

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B needs real love I feel that chuck n Blair share a wonderful relationship but wht C does to B isn't love at all! And Blair deserves sme1 sweet and caring maybe that sme1 is Dan.
Will dair be as hot as chair no but atleast there will be true love!


This episode was so much better than the last one! Although, I still feel as if it isn't up to par with the last episodes before the break, but I can feel it getting better! I love Damien! I used to hate him, but when we saw his back story I started to like him more and more. Plus, he's hot ;) I hope to see more of him. I think that if in the end he reformed himself and he and Jenny got together again for real they would make a great couple. I hate Ben! He needs to leave right now. He's soooooo dull and I feel like his sl is long over. I was really rooting for Derena, but now I think I want Dair to happen. Until of course Chuck's lame sl is over. I think he was the only character I wasn't interested in last night. The whole Raina thing is super boring, and I would actually want them to bring back Eva; she was cool! Anyways, the episode was a lot better than last week and I can't wait for more.


The Chuck/Blair eye contact was hot. Even if I don't particularly root for them, I can admit that the Blair/Dan scenes were cute and entertaining. Worst line ever: "I'd rather live in a halfway house than live with someone who doesn't halfway trust me." Ughh. I cringed. C'mon, writers ...


Attention all CHAIR FANS
if chair where togethere now yall now he would cheat on blair with that new girl just to get his business back. Also dan brings out the best of blair! Everyone loves this side of blair. I was just getting to tried of blair not being happy and sufferinf for chuck. So I hope the producers go their in making them something and making chuck jealous!!!! Go dair


Dan and Blair--are great fun to watch together. I don't see them having a sexual relationship=-=I do see them kissing in the fun of a moment, and then denying that it ever happened LOL Damien and Eric=-=not good at all. Damien is going to use Eric for revenge, so=-=THAT was the point of him calling up Eric at the end of the show to 'hang out.' We already have been led to believe that Damien swings both ways, so... Ben/Serena=-=not sure what I think about this. I'm still trying to figure out if there's genuine feeling there or if it's just a delayed crush of some sort. The Captain=-=pissed that Chuck and Nate would actually question his motives, he's totally gone over to the Thorpe's side. He's going to lose his son in the process, though...


I LOVE Chair, I know that they are endgame. In the meantime I am liking Dair.
I am actually not sure though if I want them as a romance or just friends.
I think they are great as friends and its nice for Blair to have a real friend
besides S. I also think there would be something interesting about them as a
Couple. Either way I think they need to give Blair a real and deep relationship
With someone besides Chuck. I think her choosing Chuck in the end will be much
More monumental if she chooses him over someone who is actually competition.
Maybe he doesn't have to be literal competition for Chuck (like rich,charming
And good looking) but her if she had a real connection and feelings for this person.
Is that person Dan? I don't know, but I think Blair should get a real love interest.


I think that 30 seconds of Chair interaction beats that 30 minutes of Dair interaction....Chair dont even have to touch each other to have chemistry!
Dair wont hook up...trust me :)

Pennys boat

DB get better every ep.
poor Danny though. He's never succesful at work(((( First Tish now W((( Dair arc is so great for him & what after that? again pining for S 24/7? poor bby((( im gonna cry if he will become Rufus 2.0. Happy for B though. So much growth for her character. but she's back to her scheming ways in next ep.
well at least Chair fans are having heart attack from happiness of a 2 sec scene )))))) maybe now they'll have better things to do than hate on Dair;)))
srsly im tired of Chair show for 2 seasons & its a breath of fresh air. B may be too comedic at times but at least she's not crying & pining for Chuck over & over again. Dam/Eric/Ben sl is quite good. Keep Dam on the show! Dan/Ben living together is the most wtf thing ever. looks like its not enough for Dan to look at S with other men. JSSS decided to bring another one... 'thank you' writers... Raina looked better this ep. but CR is dull but im actually interested in Bass Ind sl.


dan and blair? GOOD ENTERTAINMENT.
finally eric's got a story.
the show couldnt be going better than this, without Jenny and VANESSA.


I love all witty Dair banter. They are awesome together. Chuck and Blair are done for now. They smiled but I thought it looked like they know it is better that they are apart right now. Ben is boring and hypocritical. Is he going to live with Dan?? Serena, where is your brain? This won't end well. I can't wait for more Dair. Something big is about to happen, because the buildup is huge.


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