Gossip Girl Instant Reaction: "Damien Darko" Discussion!

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Well? What did you think of tonight's Gossip Girl?

Did you enjoy "Damien Darko" and the developments taking shape for the Upper East Siders? Why or why not? Discuss in our Gossip Girl forum and/or by leaving comments!

Our review, quotes, music list, future Gossip Girl spoilers and Round Table discussion will be posted ASAP. Right now, TV Fanatics, we give you the floor. Weigh in here ...

Colorful B

What did you think of "Damien Darko"?

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Loved every minute of it! Hope Blair will forgive Dan... sweet thing he did for his FRIEND! loved the Chair moment... finally season 4 is getting good.


Okay, i just wanted to say i loved this episode, especially the damien and eric saga. But, although Juliet was a bit evil and got out of control, I think Ben... is a psycho. His speech about change, and becoming someone you dont recognise just shows that. He's going to seriously someone, i bet.


The best moments: BLAIR and DAN...that's what the show needs: less drama, more fun!


@cbjen, I TOTALLY agree with you. The Dan/Blair interaction is the best thing taht happened in the last two seasons! And NO, I don't want them dating, but they have an awesome dynamic as friends, and it starts being invaluable for the show (at least I think so). Their friendship and banter brings the heart in this show. I think Ben is great so far, and they'd make a strong couple with S. The weirdest thing? I think the couple that had the most chemistry in this ep...definitely Damien and Eric!!! Wow! Never thought of that, but I'd like to see that one played out!


The episode was not bad. The best moment was Blair and Chuck moment, it was hopeful and so much better than each moment with Blair and Dan together. I miss Blair&Chuck.


@ reesieboi his father already knows about his drugs dealing so Why the fuck would he care anyway. and its like true GG him staying just to piss of Ben. and well ben with beat him up (like he did to the captin) and everyone will think bad of him and he leaves!!!!. :)


I have a bad feeling this wont end well for Eric.


And how could I forget to mention Damien?!


I forgot to mention that I love all the guys hair this part of the season. Check, Dan, Nate (the little we see him) all look sooo good.


ok, lol, dair is awesome but i have to say that one scene with chuck and blair had wayyy more chemistry than any scene between dan and blair so far.. to me, it just looks like they are friends.. i dont think they'll take their relationship any farther.. plus, i loooovveeeee damien soo much and am soo happy he's back.. i'm actually loving this storyline.. now all we need is juliet and jack bass to come back and my life is complete =))


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