Gossip Girl Photos: "Panic Roommate"

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Gossip Girl is all new Monday with "Damien Darko." The following week, the show welcomes Florence and the Machine and tons of drama on the February 7 episode.

In "Panic Roommate," Blair enlists Nate’s help to win over her high-strung boss, Epperly at W Magazine, while Damien stirs up more drama on the Upper East Side.

Chuck finds himself quite torn between business and pleasure, as Florence and the Machine performs an acoustic version of “Cosmic Love” and Andrew McCarthy directs.

Click to enlarge photos from the 14th installment of the season here ...

A Chair Chat
Rufus and Serena Pic
Waldorf Pic
BW Pic
Ben and Serena Photo
Serena at a Party
W Intern
Florence and the Machine Perform
Winning Over the Boss
B and the Boss of B
Florence Performs

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I love very very very Gossip Girl!! Blair and Chuck s2


Chair ♥


I am so happy to have Chair back!!!! I am so happy....I have hope....Love Chair to death.....Chair is the best and we still got that love :)


i LOVEE how the Captain is back in the show. He will add a lot. I love the hwole parent seen getting into the mix. The show needs the adult drama ie Rufus and Lily love triangle as well as Cyrus, Eleanor, the Captain, and Nate's mother.


CHAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY !!!!!!!!!! They are back.


:) ahhh beauty :)


I agree with everything everybody has said until now.


god, how they look in eachother eyes.:-) there is ever still love. i hope on a good scene between both there. aaaaaaaaw


Oh Mon Dieu! Will you two just hurry up and get together just now!
CB don't have to talk to get our heart pumping.


omg yayyyy.. chuck and blair equals EPICNESS.. look at the way they look at each other.. true love right there.. sorry dan but blair will always be chuck's.. though dan and blair do look cute together as well

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