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Ben and Serena, together after all this time. Think it'll last?

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Am I the only person who actually kinda liked the scene where Ben told Serena that he could tell that she still liked him but he has not and will not ever feel that way about her???? Serena's character has never had any male not like her. I think it honestly might be good for her character to realize that some people are just not going to work together and that she should actually respect Ben for knowing this and not trying to get into her pants anyways. She could use some humiliate.


I'm almost certain this is going to end in tears.


Lila, your storyline is SPOT ON!! :D Either he leaves because he's a psycho just like her lil' sis was, OR he'll leave because he's too good to handle the UES scheming and drama. If the latter happens, I strongly recommend him to search for Eva (Chuck's rebound-gal), because then they could be perfectly boring together. Oh, and bring Juliet back! She had some serious potential.


i actually like the idea of ben/serena in a longlasting relationship.. but we all know serena and js... so we know that's not gonna happen..!

Snow not so white

errmmm yeah... I don't think so... I as well, agree with every single word that Lila said =)


Lmfao!!!! @Lila you took the words right out of my mouth!!!


haha they put a scarf on her trying to cover the cleavege


ugh let me guess.. ben and serena will sleep together, she's gonna tell him she loves him and always has, after, he's gonna turn out to be a bad guy who's going to try to destroy lily and serena and all her little friends and then the NJBC will get together to take him down.. oh, and then serena will go back to nate or dan and tell them she loves them and always has! serena's character is getting on my nerves now


I hope it does. I love them! :D


Ugh no he needs to leave, now!

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