Gossip Girl Re-Casting Role of Lily's Sister

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Gossip Girl recently cast Illeana Douglas to play the role of Lily's big sister Carol.

Now that Douglas has bailed due to scheduling conflicts, the role is again vacant.

It's unfortunate, since Douglas could definitely pass for an older Krysten Ritter, who originated the role during Season 2's ill-fated ’80s flashback / spinoff pilot episode, "Valley Girls."

Any suggestions on who they should cast in her place?

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I agree, Zooey Deschanel would be perfect. Or Melinda Clarke.


She needs to be someone who can come off as zany, when needed, doesn't she? How about the woman from Eureka--er...the one that played Tess.


Lauren Graham, but she doesn´t looks like Krysten Ritter, though.


That woman can pass up for being Carol, Melinda Clarke is too hot for the role


milinda clarke or kelly rowan definitely!


Kelly Rowan or whatever her name is! Seth's mom
From the oc would be perfect !!!!!


Carol is older than Lily. The actress that plays her has to be 40-45 at least.


Jennifer Love Hewitt may do it, but I think she's the type of person that thinks is "Better than Gossip Girl". Melinda Clarke would be good but I guess she's busy with "Nikita". Zooey Deschanel? Love the idea! I really liked her and I think she would be VERY interesting as Carol!


idk but maybe..jennifer love hewitt...im not sure ....


How about Zooey Deschanel? I know she's too young but she kinda looks like Krysten Ritter.

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