Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 246

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Welcome back to the 246th Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest at TVF!

This week's Caption Contest winner is Jennifer Ruben. Well done!

The winning caption appears beneath the photo below. Honorable mentions go out to Emza, chrisea34 and Rosemarie Fazekas. Thanks to all for playing!

Derek and Meredith In Bed!

Derek: I can't sleep knowing you have another mans body over your head!

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Derek: How did Callie get pregnant before you?
Meridith: Her partner abandoned her for a big step step in her career. Oh wait, she did!


One more pillow, Mer, and the spine will actually go THROUGH your head.


Derek; Oh please, please wear that plaster that 'cured' you of snoring again. It was such a turn on


Meredith: We're not having sex tonight. No sex for you! Derek: How come we're not having sex tonight? What did I do to not deserve sex? Meredith: You chose Alex for the clinical trial instead of me. Need I remind you that I was the one who CONVINCED you to do the first one in the place. Derek: I don't want you anywhere near it. I don't want you to see what could happen to you and us. If we do have children, it will be hard on them and me to see you this way. Meredith: You're still not getting sex tonight. Unless you change your mind, you can sleep on the couch like you did when you couldn't handle my snoring.


Derek: Is that your crazy, spock-like, twisted best friend between the sheets, or are you just happy to see me?


Derek: So if it's a girl we name it Ellis.
Meredith: And if it's a boy?
Derek: Richard


You can't be serious. Kama Sutra? What the heck is Kama Sutra, Derek.


Derek: I know you're mad about the clinical trial. I'll do my pennance by making it up to you with lots of makeup sex. Meredith: Really?? Alex has moved back to the trailer. He decided he'd rather run into a wild bear than live with me. Perhaps you should.... Derek: So no makeup sex then?

G r e y s a n a t o m y

Derek: We should try the Sloan method.


Meredith: Whats that look for?
Derek: I was just thinking how great these new beds are in the on-call room.

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