Hellcats Review: "Papa, Oh Papa"

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After what seemed like the longest hiatus ever, Hellcats returned this week with “Papa, Oh Papa.

The focus was pretty divided throughout the hour. We got to see more of Alice and her relationship with her father, as well as Marti and Savannah working things out. The latter was a little cheesy, but that’s what we have grown to expect from our favorite CW shows.

Most of the Hellcats

I felt bad for Alice. Watching her interact with her father lets you understand why she is the way she is. I was wondering where the strong character was I had seen on “Back of a Car,” but she appeared later on. Although I am not usually a fan of dragging in family stories when they are not needed, I would like to see this one play out.

Marti and Savannah finally made up after their pillow fight. Yes, you read that right, a pillow fight. It was corny, but somehow it worked.

I like these two battling side-by-side instead of against each other. Savannah told Marti the issue with Charlotte, so hopefully that storyline will move along. Considering Charlotte’s squad was in first place going into competition, I figured we would at least see her. For some reason, the Cyclones were nowhere to be found. A little odd.

I was skeptical about Wanda going to see Travis, seeing that I am not a huge fan of the latter's arc. Although, I am thinking I can get on board if something plays out between these two.

Now, I can’t be positive, but I am pretty sure that the woman playing Kelly was Christine Lakin of Step by Step fame. The character wasn’t listed on IMDB or on The CW site, but it looked a lot like her. Anyone agree?

There have been several weeks that I was disappointed with the lack of cheerleading, but “Papa, Oh Papa” managed to make me forget. The routine was flawless and required serious talent. As someone who was a part of competitive cheerleading, I have experience when I say this. Awesome stuff. Those few minutes may look like they go by fast, but they are brutal. Kudos to the actors and stunt team once again.


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I was impressed with this episode partially because of the character interaction. It defined the quality of friendship and bonds in a team. I like Savannah and Marti's friendship while Alice and her dads' girlfriend/fiance's relationship. It was different than the usual bimbo trying to converse with Alice
I actually disliked Alice at first because she was snooty but now I understand her so she is growing on me.
Normally the whole episode would turn me off, but this time, it has certainly made me glued to the tv.


Marti is not likeable because she is always good at everything. She is a good cheerleader, a good dancer, a good singer, a good student... Wanda is also annoying...


Yes, it was Christine Lakin. If you were paying attention at the beginning of the episode it said she was guest starring. :)


I like Alice storyline. She's a good character. As for Marti, I wanted to hit her when she said sth like "he was MY Dan first" that's true but SHE told Savannah there was nothing so the naive girl went for it and invest herself in the relationship. Savannah was acting childish at the practice but she forgave Marti too quickly. I hope Savannah will find a new guy. Marti reminds me too much of Serena on GG, like she wants people to think "oh poor little Marti"


Poor Alice !


I have to say I like Alice more than Marti and hope she gets her spot back because she deserves it more. Alice is into cheerleading more and Marti just wants the scholarship that come with it. I cannot wait until Dan come back to test Marti loyalty because Savannah forgave her too quickly.


I loved alice's family drama during this episode, it was a nice return overall


Haha I wondered the same thing, if that was the girl from SbS.... hmmmmm.... good episode btw!

I adore chair

Yes her name was shown during the opening.


YES!!!! It is the Chic from Step by Step!!!!

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