Illeana Douglas Cast as Lily's Sister on Gossip Girl

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Gossip Girl is bringing back Lily's sister.

Well, she's never really been around until now, except briefly in the ill-fated ’80s based spinoff episode. Anyway, she's is about to surface on the Upper East Side in 2011!

According to TV Line, Illeana Douglas of Ghost World, Ugly Betty and Six Feet Under has been cast in the potentially recurring role of Lily’s older sister Carol.


Krysten Ritter played the character in the Season 2 flashback episode, "Valley Girls," which also served as a pilot for the spinoff the CW ultimately passed on.

Douglas is slated to debut in early April and, according to a Gossip Girl insider, she won’t be coming to town alone. What do you think that little teaser means?

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I think it may be William but then again it could be her daughter just one of the many ways gg keep u guessing


But maybe she will bring back William van der Woodsen? And maybe CeCe will appear again, so that she finally can forgive Carol :)


Pretty good idea that Carol is coming back. If Darius is right and she's coming back with her daugther which is Serenas cousin then, it will be interessting if and what kind of trouble this cousin will cause! ;)


WOW!!! Brilliant casting choice! I love Illeana Douglas and she's a superb actress. Check out her work in any number of great films--she's definitely a move in the right direction for the GG cast!


She's coming with her daughter who will be played by Kaylee Defer. That's Serena's cousin and Lily's niece.


Maybe she`ll bring William?


Maybe her husband perhaps? Or Lily's husband?


she will probably have a baby wit her if shes not comin alone


Hopefully this will be interesting - expanding Lily's (and Serena & Eric's) family. Random sidenote - Blair wore this same dress in Season 2 "Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"

Al in germany

Good casting. Allison Janney would have been better though, but there was about 0% chance of her appearing on GG.

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