Kate Walsh to Appear in Latest Grey's Anatomy Crossover!

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Kate Walsh is going back where it all began.

The Private Practice star, whose character played a huge role in the second and third seasons of Grey's Anatomy, is headed back to Seattle Grace in a spring episode.

TV Line suggests this may be an ominous sign for Callie's baby, as Addison will be summoned to Seattle March 31 for the purpose of helping out with a medical crisis.

Calzonasloan's child seems the likely case.

Mark on Private Practice!

Addison and Mark last season, during Eric Dane's baby-related crossover.

The good news, at least according to what we've gathered, is that the baby won't be lost like others on Grey's Anatomy. So don't expect a miscarriage this time. Phew.

Then again, just because there's no miscarriage doesn't mean there won't be complications (or tragedy) once the little guy/girl is born. Hopefully not, but it's possible.

For now, we don't know much else about Addison’s latest trip up the coast ... and we can only imagine her reaction upon learning Mark's role in this unusual situation.

Excited to see her? How do you see it playing out? Comment below!

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kate did appear in the episode or any of the ones after


@bazuka74: In a recent interview Kate mentioned that she was indeed shooting singing scenes on GA.
I wonder how that'll play out - looking forward to it!


When Addison comes to town, I'm actually excited to see her interaction, if any, with Lucy since their both in the same field. If Addision is renowned as they say she is, Lucy must know of her since Addision also completed a MFM-fellowship. If there's anything wrong with the baby, they have enough surgeons to cover it. Addision can take care of both mom and baby being both OBGYN and neonatal surgeon, Lucy can take care of mom being an OBGYN and an MFM-fellow, and Arizona can take care of the baby being a peds surgeon. So this baby and Callie is more than well covered. I wonder if there will be any resentment or career-overshadowing on Lucy's part since the last time Addison came across a perinatologist/neonatologist (Vanessa remember?), Vanessa was all, "ooo I'm in the shadow of Addison Montgomery." Of course, she was dating Sam at the time so that might futher the insecurity, but I am interested to see Lucy's reaction to Addison.


Hmmm, in the the interview I've see she was definitely talking about singing lessons. We'll see, I'd love to see Kate in any episode singing or not.It's amazing how someone can grow on you, I remember watching the show when it just started & how I hated her guts for breaking MerDer up & now I just really like her!I think she's awesome & so is Az, Cristina, Callie & Lexie.Izzie was great fun to watch as well & so was George too.


@bazuka74: Nice one. But I thought she was taking drum lessons, not singing ones.


Kate Walsh is definitely singing in the musical episode, she did mention in some interview that she's taking singing lessons & it was a while back.


I'm glad they're bringing Addison back. Maybe Maddison can have a song in the musical episode just like MerDer.


why can't they get it right? have the miscarriage on callie, we dont care. get mer pregnant. mark and lexie just got back together for crying out loud!


I hate that we have to tolerate a Mallie baby for some awesome Addie/Callie scenes. Why wouldn't the writers comprehend Mallie friendship instead of this "friends with benefit" crap?


Totally agree with callie rocks!! & narodnik.Arizona better off with someone else, someone who's not pushing her to have babies, someone who's not freaking out of the prospect to go to Africa for a very good reason, someone who doesn't jump in bed with her best sex friend every time that things get tough, someone who is really supportive, loving & putting her (Az's) needs first & not someone else's (like Mark's for example). I love CallAz together, however I can't see where they are going from here on.I am still hopeful though. Also, a hot normal guy is very much needed for Cristina & please people stop making a jerk out of Alex, it's not cute any more seeing him screwing young interns, seriously!

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