Kate Walsh to Appear in Latest Grey's Anatomy Crossover!

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Kate Walsh is going back where it all began.

The Private Practice star, whose character played a huge role in the second and third seasons of Grey's Anatomy, is headed back to Seattle Grace in a spring episode.

TV Line suggests this may be an ominous sign for Callie's baby, as Addison will be summoned to Seattle March 31 for the purpose of helping out with a medical crisis.

Calzonasloan's child seems the likely case.

Mark on Private Practice!

Addison and Mark last season, during Eric Dane's baby-related crossover.

The good news, at least according to what we've gathered, is that the baby won't be lost like others on Grey's Anatomy. So don't expect a miscarriage this time. Phew.

Then again, just because there's no miscarriage doesn't mean there won't be complications (or tragedy) once the little guy/girl is born. Hopefully not, but it's possible.

For now, we don't know much else about Addison’s latest trip up the coast ... and we can only imagine her reaction upon learning Mark's role in this unusual situation.

Excited to see her? How do you see it playing out? Comment below!

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Love Addison. Love PP crossovers!!!
Can't wait for this episode!
It will definatly have something to do with Callie's baby, what I don't know!


I love that Addison is coming through to Seattle Grace I always love her apperances , especially with her moments with Callie . They always seem to lighten up the mood no matter what is going on around them . . . However , I was thinking that the baby would indeed be lost/miscarriaged once Addison was said to come through , but now I'm just ready to see how everything will pan out . Especially the musical episode . I think a musical episode would be the cutest and cornyiest thing to hit ABC , and that includes Americas Funniest Home Videos . I will admit I was against Callie's storyline because I liked the idea of her just being with Arizona and figuring out their relationship , but now I think a baby would possibly be a good posion to the already decaying relationship . Then again the baby could also be their antidote to their relationship . We'll never know till Feb 3rd . . . Or March 31st for that matter . :p


Cool that Addison is coming back :)


@uklass Sweeps is in February and May. This episode is on March 31, outside of sweeps.


look under the pic the caption says addison and mark last season..... :)


thats because this pic is from when Mark was in L.A. with his daughter Sloan. The picture is old


anyone realise that arizona is not in this pic?? think about it.. if addi is here operating on callie and from the pic it looks like something is going wrong,,, why isnt arizona here?? she should be there for callie if they were together right???? so i think that maybe the broke up.. maybe they never got together in the first place.. maybe they just decided to stay friends and see where this is going and figure things out.... but my theory is that arizona wouldnt bail on he, not as a friend anyway... they would just be frieds and this would be hard on callie knowing not where arizona stands... arizona would also try to move on with her life... by going out with friends from her group ( which callie mentioned in season seven, that ari has lots of lesbo friens) and callie would think that ari is going on dates... i really need ari to be with someone else for a change... and then, in the season finaly ari would cheat on her gf with callie...and callie would be like,,, "what does this mean" ....heheheheh


So it has been confirmed that the March 31st episode IS the musical episode, that is supposedly centered around Callie. Which a few of us have been calling all along. It was pretty obvious when we found out Callie was knocked up that it would lead to this crossover. But it has also been said that this would be not great for callie, decision making etc....my guess, centers around the baby...I'm totally thinking its going to be a should they or shouldnt they deliver the baby as a premie.....if they do that the baby will be named, and even if it passes, this baby will be a person. Not a "lost" baby as they say, and the pregnancy will stick....it would explain the carefulness with the wording...."pregnancy will stick", "not to expect a miscarriage", baby will not be lost"...my guess is she has to choose to keep the baby inside her or deliver, and then sadly, I do think the baby will die, creating new storylines for all involved....this is just my opinion of course. I am pretty excited for Greys to come back on..one week from today...and I am FORCING myself to NOT watch the sneaks when they come out, lol.


@KristenR1983 Glad to find someone that has the same thoughts about this situation! ;-)


@Pri, THANK YOU! My thoughts exactly...I mean just wait and see what will happen because chances are whatever you think is going to happen really won't happen...shonda is very good at putting things out there purposely to make us think one thing....just wait and see if the musical flops it flops, doesn't mean its going to send grey's off the air. I for one am excited... :)

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