Kate Walsh to Appear in Latest Grey's Anatomy Crossover!

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Kate Walsh is going back where it all began.

The Private Practice star, whose character played a huge role in the second and third seasons of Grey's Anatomy, is headed back to Seattle Grace in a spring episode.

TV Line suggests this may be an ominous sign for Callie's baby, as Addison will be summoned to Seattle March 31 for the purpose of helping out with a medical crisis.

Calzonasloan's child seems the likely case.

Mark on Private Practice!

Addison and Mark last season, during Eric Dane's baby-related crossover.

The good news, at least according to what we've gathered, is that the baby won't be lost like others on Grey's Anatomy. So don't expect a miscarriage this time. Phew.

Then again, just because there's no miscarriage doesn't mean there won't be complications (or tragedy) once the little guy/girl is born. Hopefully not, but it's possible.

For now, we don't know much else about Addison’s latest trip up the coast ... and we can only imagine her reaction upon learning Mark's role in this unusual situation.

Excited to see her? How do you see it playing out? Comment below!

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For all the people that are complaining about Callie's storyline, the crossover and the musical episode: STOP!!!
Just wait and see what will happen!! You can yell and say what you want after... but now how can you be so disappointed if you don't know anything?!? I'm just saying to wait! ;-)


Calzonasloan? The parents are Callie and Mark, so Arizona shouldn´t be included. Poor baby, let´s hope it survives and grows up healthy.
I am really tired of Callie and Arizona...please, give more screen time to Karev, Owen, Mer and Derek.


Isn't this spring sweeps time and therefore cross overs help ratings time? But Addison turning up again is no longer a special occasion in GA.


I feel bad for Mark, I feel like he can't catch a break with his offspring


I'm excited to see this. I always love watching Addison go back to Seattle Grace and she hasn't gone back since before the merger so that would be interesting too.


Well..considering that it took a couple of series to cover a year of the shows timeline...exactly how long is Callie gonna be pregnant for? It certainly wouldn't be "once the little guy/girl is born" if the crossover is in March. Just sayin'...


Both Callie and Mark are getting what they want. I just hope that this makes Lexie and Arizona a part of this. It is clear that Mark and Lexie don't work with anyone but each other, the same for Callie and Arizona.


ive always liked addison


Dr.CerrenoMD I dont think Derek would ever b opposed to the idea of babies Maybe they just didn't talk abt it They were both too busy becoming THE Gods in their respective specialties M happy though that he didn't have a baby with Addi or anyone else The only woman he wld have a baby with is Mer and thats y its McBaby It was actually Addie who didn't want them She even said that to Callie in Season 3 that she was naive and young and at that time she thought she didn't want babies and then she got preg wid Mark;s baby and she aborted it coz then she realized she wanted it with Derek instead but then her and Derek's marriage ended in shambles so she was left with nothing and then when she went to Naomi to have a baby she found out she had no more fertility left in her That was kind of sad


I mean that maybe she'll be hurt that derek is prepared to have a baby with mer and not when she wanted one all those years ago when she was with him in new york.

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