Kate Walsh to Appear in Latest Grey's Anatomy Crossover!

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Kate Walsh is going back where it all began.

The Private Practice star, whose character played a huge role in the second and third seasons of Grey's Anatomy, is headed back to Seattle Grace in a spring episode.

TV Line suggests this may be an ominous sign for Callie's baby, as Addison will be summoned to Seattle March 31 for the purpose of helping out with a medical crisis.

Calzonasloan's child seems the likely case.

Mark on Private Practice!

Addison and Mark last season, during Eric Dane's baby-related crossover.

The good news, at least according to what we've gathered, is that the baby won't be lost like others on Grey's Anatomy. So don't expect a miscarriage this time. Phew.

Then again, just because there's no miscarriage doesn't mean there won't be complications (or tragedy) once the little guy/girl is born. Hopefully not, but it's possible.

For now, we don't know much else about Addison’s latest trip up the coast ... and we can only imagine her reaction upon learning Mark's role in this unusual situation.

Excited to see her? How do you see it playing out? Comment below!

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Of course Addison is coming to save the day, that was a given the moment we found that Callie is pregnant.


Well technically chasing cars was made iconic when Denny died.....and How to Save a Life was in an episode in Season 2 entitled Superstition and played towards the end during all of the surgeries(well Burke, Derek's, and Richards).....There was also a music video for Grey's with How to Save a Life that dealt with the whole show....

Ma yumi

Always love Addie. Love the time when she was at GA. Great episodes... I miss that time!


yeay Addie!! :D Love her crossover episodes.... Addison always spices things up in Seattle , even when she was a regular... Love her and anxiously waiting for that spring episode! If that would be the musical one then that would be even more awesome as both conformed songs, How to Save a Life and Chasing cars actually dealt with Mer Der and Addie's lives...


Im thinking that it might be the musical episode, but I'm not 100% sure, I am just pretty sure that this baby will not last...I was saying in another forum i'm going to try my hardest to stop speculating, because if theres one thing I know by now it's that I never know what Shonda is going to do... Although Shonda did update her twitter today saying that the actors are starting to record their songs today....so that COULD put it in march...who knows...


So 31 March episode could be the musical episode? Between life and death situation?


@KristenR1983 I don't think it's a good news either. This baby= drama nothing else. I don't see 3/4 doctors raising the baby.


Yep just like I said in another forum!! I'm thinking something is wrong with the baby, and they are going to have to do an emergency C, Addison will be there, they'll think the baby won't live long cause it'll be a premie.... Callie will lose the baby...I'm telling you this baby won't be around for long...They are being careful with their wording, saying things like the "pregnancy" will stick, and the baby won't be "lost"....no miscarriage, but don't think its good news for the Mallie baby

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