Katerina Graham Hypes "Ruthless" Vampire Diaries Action Ahead

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It keeps getting crazier and crazier. I can’t even prepare you for what’s going down on the show. The best way I can describe this season is with the word: ruthless.

We didn't need to be sold on The Vampire Diaries, but it's safe to say Katerina Graham has piqued our interest even more with the quote above, given this week to The New York Post.

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While Graham's Bonnie didn't even appear on "The Descent," we'll see plenty of this witch over the next few weeks. In the excerpts below, Graham gives us a glimpse of what's to come.

Will Bonnie ever learn of Lucca's secret?
Bonnie will find out very soon and it’s going to get really messy. There’s no clean way to go about this.

Talk about Bonnie's connection to Jeremy.
I love that it’s a different kind of chemistry. Jeremy is the loving, supportive, innocent, solid love, while Luca is very much a big crush. Bonnie identifies with him in a way that she hasn’t been able to with anyone else. For a while, I didn’t even have a solid opinion about who she should end up with.

Spells keep taking a roll on Bonnie. Are you prepared for her to die one day?
They’re definitely playing with Bonnie’s mortality a lot. Which I love. It wouldn’t be a great story if everything worked out perfect and everyone was safe whenever she did a spell. You have to show a character’s weaknesses for people to identify with them. I never saw Bonnie as an all-powerful, indestructible person. Even though she has all this inner strength, I see her as this little girl who got caught in the middle... and it’s about to get crazier for her in terms of her powers.

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BONNIE AND DAMON stuff Damon and elena thier boring. Bonnie is the one who is trying her hardest to protect elena I mean shes hurt herself so many times and shes working with damon salvatore who she hates but she puts it aside to protect elena which I love about her.shes not selfish and she is not whiney!.Bonni unlike elena and caroline has no family she lives on her own and protects herself.Bonnie and jeremy dont belong together he brings her down.


awwwwwwwwww bonnie makes vampire diaries b nice....cuz bonnie she is cute n hot


bonnie make the vimpire diaries so nice...cuz she is a cute n hot chick


bonnie is arrogant? this is something new and kind of stupid !she is smart,funny,loyal and kind ,she is the best person in the show so no i don't want her to go any were alot of peopel don't like her only because of one name "bamon" just saying things that are not true doesn't make it right... i love bonnie bennett ..forever the jeremy thing i now hate just to make him interesting they throw him to her disapointed!!!


I love Bonnie and Damon. They have great chemistry!!!!!!


Wait, I meant GO ELENA AND DAMON! Couples that should be together: Damon and Elena
Bonnie and Jeremy


Bonnie belongs with Jeremy. He truly loves her, like he loved Anna and Vicki (well maybe not Vicki), but he potentially sacrificed himself for Bonnie in "The Sacrifice." I hate Luka, Bonnie DOES NOT belong with him, he tricked her with the whole moonstone thing, and plus, there's just something about him that I don't trust. LOVE DAMON FOR EVER! And I do like Bonnie. But she's just a bit stupid and clueless. Like, everything that was going on around her, she set Damon on fire over THAT.
The Vampire Diaries rocks.


Bonnie bennett is never boring, her story is such a power struggle and I enjoy her on my screen everytime. Love her and I'll never stop.


I loved Bonnie so much in the beginning, she was smart, independent, funny and bold... remember the way she used to talk back to Damon? Now, she's just plain boring, whiny and arrogant. Sure, she's going through a difficult phase, with her witchthing and stuff, but come oooooon, Bonnie! Maybe you could like, I don't know, smile sometimes? Make a decision sometimes (uuuh, Jeremy!?)? Or maybe not overdo this whole martyr thing? ;)


Cant wait to see the rest of the season

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