Kevin McKidd Dishes on Grey's Anatomy Musical Episode

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For those of us familiar with memorable Grey's Anatomy music selections from the past six-plus seasons, the show's musical episode is sure to bring back fond memories.

The episode will feature songs made popular by the series, like The Fray's "How to Save a Life" and Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars," both featured prominently in Season 2.

Kevin McKidd reveals that he's involved in both of those numbers, as well as singing Gomez's "How We Operate," from "Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response."

Owen Stares

"We're in the studio right now," McKidd says. "I did my recording [Wednesday]. I've got quite a big couple of numbers. It's a one-off episode in Callie's point of view."

"It's very dramatic. It's a very intense episode. No jazz hands and glitter balls."

While fans have been nervous that the show may be jumping the shark by doing a musical episode, the actor insists that it's really more "a love letter to the fans."

"It's very exciting and experimental. I think it's great that the show took such a bold move to do something like this, and I think it's going to work in a big way."

Grey's Anatomy returns next Thursday, February 3. What do you think of the idea of a musical episode? Shark-jumping or a fun tribute to GA fans?

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I watched Grey's Anatomy's musical episode last Thursday night and, though it was kind of funny to hear the characters burst into song when they'd just been speaking a minute before, the songs fit the mood of each scene (and wimpy me cried like a baby during "How to Save a Life" and "The Story"!) so the transition from speech to singing wasn't that jarring. It wasn't a "Jump the Shark" episode. That being said, if Shonda Rhimes ever wants to produce another musical episode, I'd gladly volunteer to sing with Kevin McKidd (I mean, was there any woman out there who didn't wish she could switch places with Sandra Oh while Kevin was singing his part of "Runnin' on Sunshine"?)LOL!


I am very much looking forward to the episode. A few of these actors started out in musical theater so I look forward to hearing them sing. I don't think it's jumping the shark; if you have the talent then use it. I love Greys so anything Shonda puts out I enjoy.


I love Sara's voice too, however I'm not sure I wanna hear it on GA.I'm sure some of the actors there also have some talents, imagine all of them started displaying them to us. I just want the drama without singing/dancing/cross-overing (lol)... It's not the Britain's Got Talent or the American Idol, it's Grey's Anatomy & that's exactly what I wanna watch. Having said that, I'm afraid Shonda doesn't give a toss about what I think lol, so I'll suck it up once again & I'll try to enjoy it.


i think the musical episode is a great idea... sara has an amazing voice and i cant wait to hear the other characters sing


@Tia I think Calliope singing is AWESOME ! We all know the wonderful actress behind her Sara Ramirez can sing her butt off ! She didn't win a Tony Award for nothing ! I think it's kinda interesting that Shonda waited for the perfect time to show off Callie's amazing voice (Even though during the Christmas episodes Sara sang Silent Night but we didn't know it was her unless you're used to her singing voice) . I can't wait for this episode . I want to see how it all pans out and hopefully it'll pan out wonderfully . :) Well at least for her , I'm not so sure about Kevin's singing voice but I can always be wrong .


Oh, that episode. It was so sad when Der left. I'll have to watch it again and listen to the music more carefully instead of welling up with tears


@ soso I was keeping an eye on this thread hoping someone wld guess it but sigh since no one did am telling It played in Season 2 bimbo explosion epi part 2 right at the very end when Derek comes to see for himself that she is actually alive and okay and she asks him abt their last kiss and he not just remembered he remembered every EVERY minutest possible detail of their last kiss OMG PD was beyond beyond beyond words in that scene He turned such a small kiss into something beyond magic and now every time I see MerDer sharing a quick kiss i remember that scene and his words "kinda like a habit u know like we wld do it everyday for the rest of our lives" Sigh
Damn I LOVE THEM Hugging everyone who shares this love with me


@ Smriti, Please could you tell me when your music choice was played?


The musical episode is 7.18


@bazuka74 THANKS

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