Loretta Devine to Reprise Role of Adele on Grey's Anatomy

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Adele (Loretta Devine) is coming back to Grey's Anatomy.

Her status with Richard is a bit open-ended, but this we know: She returns to the hospital with a serious problem that requires personal attention from one of the docs.

Adele Webber, who has appeared on the show as the Chief's wife since the show's first year in 2005, has taken ill and needs medical care. Look for her in mid-February.

Adele Lays it Down!

Adele in one of several appearances at the hospital to date.

Could this medical treatment also be the situation that sets up a sweet Valentine's Day reunion for the pair? Are they estranged now, or over for good at this point?

We've lost track, as Richard's personal life is dealt with sporadically.

Or, might this be a poignant and emotional farewell for Adele - and a sad, but powerful story line during which James Pickens, Jr., will shine? What do you think?

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I thought Richard and Adele (Loretta Devine) were together. Richard wasn't coming home and Adele thought he was having an affair again. Would love to see these two together and would love to see more of Richard and Adele. Loretta Devine is awesome and certainly gives the show energy when she's on.


@dutchy78, The episode when Derek tells Richard to go to his wife is 6.19, not 6.07. Derek got "fired" for the Isaac surgery and for wanting to leave the animosity behind in 6.07. In 6.11, Meredith just said Adele was gone, not that she had left him. Maybe she was just on a trip, as episodes later, it was clear that Richard was still married to Adele (the I hit her hard comment). @jude, On the bios of the characters in the ABC page, it says that Richard did his fellowship in NYC (there, he trained Derek and Addison). In the S2 finale, Richard said that he did all his residency in SGH. The fellowship is done AFTER residency, so timeline wise, he did his residency in Seattle, fellowship in NYC, and returned to Seattle after his fellowship ended and became Chief.


Webber has said he spent all his career at SGH, that would have meant he would have been training Der and Addison at Seattle.
Even if Webber did spend all his career at SGH he wouldn't have trained Derek and Addison; they are both from New York! :)


The writers have made a real hash of Webber's storyline. Webber has said he spent all his career at SGH, that would have meant he would have been training Der and Addison at Seattle. Der said he'd never been to Seattle before. Another episode Webber said he went away from Seattle to do a fellowship. His memory of how long ago his affair with Mer took place seems to vary too. I hope Adele becomes a reoccuring character. If so much time can be commited to Altman's 'hubby', then why not Adele too?


I agree with most of the previous comments, as far as Chief Webber and Adele are concerned they have conflicting storylines. Because Adele knew Richard was having an affair with Ellis, she said as much to Meredith, telling her she saw her growing up, at the time I think Adele was having a miscarriage. And it takes a lady with a big heart to feel empathy for a child her husband's affair was instrumental in the breakdown of the little girl's family as she knew it. With the story of Richard and Adele, to me Adele is a sweet lady with a big heart, she stood by her man, after he has an affair, she stood by him when the hospital made Richard Chief of Surgery. The did separate for a little while because Richard wouldn't retire, then after Richard started delegating and cutting time at hospital so he could spend more time with Adele, Adele didn't tell Richard she was pregnant and she misjudged him when he took time from a crisis to stay next to his wife while she suffered a miscarriage. After that I am assuming Richard and Adele reconciled and were happy again, until Richard fell off the wagon and staying late at the hospital like he did when he had the affair with Ellis, this made Adele go to hospital to find out first hand what was going on with Richard, maybe not getting an answer she may have gone to visit her sister and brother-in-law, her niece may have died from cancer and after hearing Richard had fallen off the wagon and was admitted into rehab, this made her come home early and stand by her man. Adele did that once before she cut a vacation short when Richard needed surgery to remove a tumor near his eye in season 1. So hopefully Shonda and writers may fill in the gaps for us.


Such a mess..... Derek telling the Chief to "go home to your wife" was episode 6.7 - Derek got fired and this was his response. The last time we saw Adele was in 6.9: she thought the Chief was having an affair with Bailey because he didn't come home, Callie told her Bailey was just his workwife. A few episodes later (6.10 or 6.11) Derek said something to Meredith like "well he's lonely since Adele left him" (Derek didn't know about the drinking yet and was trying to figure out what was going on). I remember thinking: left him?! Well, nobody told us... At the end of the season Webber was going all "if I weren't happily married I would hit her" and I remember thinking again: WTH, so he IS still married?! Since then we haven't heard anything about it anymore.... I guess they cut out some essential scenes (like the one in which they tell us Jackson and April are living with Mer!), or Adele just keeps coming and going - but I don't think that's it!


awww i lveo adele!


I can imagine the doc being Bailey, and maybe cos Mer knows Adele Mer will be the resident? Maybe the writers are looking for a storyline for the chief in how he handles the stress of dealing with a wife who's ill? But I was a bit unsure who Webber was refering to when he said he had a great love, cos he did have strong feelings for Ellis too. Didn't Webber have to go to a specialist rehab clinic for doctors when he stepped down as chief. So Adele must have been told of his falling off the wagon? In S3 she wanted him to retire, so how did she feel when he became chief again. I hope we get to find out and Adele appears in more than one episode


Yay, I liked Adele#s character very much and I'm thankful for every non-Calzona-related storyline.
I remember Richard and her were still together in the episode where she asks Bailey whether she was having an affair with her husband. But in the Christmas episode, Webber didn't bring her along for the dinner at Meredith's. So I assume she broke up with him because she thought he was having an affair. I'm also not sure whether Richard would have gone to face the shooter in the finale, if there had been a wife waiting for him at home. But that's just speculation. Maybe they made up in the meantime!?
In any case I'm looking forward to seeing her again.


Why isn't there grey's this week?

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