Major 90210 Casting News: Who is Leaving?

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Prepare for some major keggers on 90210, fans. The adults are almost all gone!

TV Line has broken the news that Lori Loughlin and Ryan Eggold will NOT return for season four of this CW series, as they follow in the vanquished footsteps of Rob Estes and Jessica Walter.

No word yet on how Deb and Ryan will be written out, but they are (secretly) involved right now. Moreover, the show will graduate its West Beverly seniors this spring, meaning the fourth season will focus more on college and less on teachers/parents. It's conceivable neither character even gets an official exit under those circumstances.

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Will Deb and Ryan's romance takes them away from 90210? Tune in. Find out. Discuss in our forum.


Thanks so much, John! And not for linking me, but for puttnig these other great artists up. We'd all have a harder time discovering them if it wasn't for you. So, really, thanks!Hope to see some more of your studies and art, soon :)~robin


Ryan leaving wouldn't be so bad I mean he's not all that interesting to me anyway. But Deb should stay because of the simple fact that she's Annie and Dixson's mother.


Damn, 90210 is going out the window :/


Ryan is leaving? Um.. three seasons too late..


I think it's logical to have Deb stay because she's their mom and it'll come out as if Annie and Dixon's parents are out of the picture. It's hard to change the context of their family because they began season one being so whole and kept together. And as for Ryan, I get that him being a teacher means there's no use for him in the college scene but he still has a whole storyline with Jen consequently being connected to Naomi. Obviously that story will need some closure.


I hope they leave together. Cause I love them together.


Guess that means they are going to Uni so they dont have any more roles for Ryan. They should keep Deb around just because she is their mum. Maybe she will pop in every now and then like Elenor from GG


This show started going down hill since the new executive producer; Rebecca Sinclair took charge. I hope she leaves after season 3 as her contract will be up by then.


If they're being written out for next season, then this confirms that there will be a season 4. Thats great. It sucks about Deb and Ryan though. I think Rob Estes should come back for a guest appearance. He and Deb can reunite. It would be great. Aside from that, I don't get why they're writing them both out. It's really ridiculous. All this show does is boot people out. I count 3 previous actors of the top of my head. Now, this makes 5 - in 3 seasons. How is this show still on air?


Yay, lets keep kicking out people who can act. What could possibly go wrong with that scenario?

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