Major 90210 Casting News: Who is Leaving?

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Prepare for some major keggers on 90210, fans. The adults are almost all gone!

TV Line has broken the news that Lori Loughlin and Ryan Eggold will NOT return for season four of this CW series, as they follow in the vanquished footsteps of Rob Estes and Jessica Walter.

No word yet on how Deb and Ryan will be written out, but they are (secretly) involved right now. Moreover, the show will graduate its West Beverly seniors this spring, meaning the fourth season will focus more on college and less on teachers/parents. It's conceivable neither character even gets an official exit under those circumstances.

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Will Deb and Ryan's romance takes them away from 90210? Tune in. Find out. Discuss in our forum.


Ugh no. I was just commenting earlier how stupid the people behind 90210 are. When they can't find something for the characters they just give them the old heave ho. Its stupid! This whole transitioning to college is just crap. What will annie and dixon do now? How can they consider getting rid of deb when she cares so much for her kids. I guess ryan would be useless when they are at uni or they could've gotten him a job there. Maybe find a younger suitable partner for him. He's not that old. The people who make this show are just dumb beyond belief. They should get new people to run the show.


he's pretty useless, but i love her in the mom role

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I'm gonna kill Dixon.