New Pretty Little Liars Clip: What is A Thinking?

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On Monday's new episode of Pretty Little Liars, Spencer tries to do the impossible: read A's mind.

Why did she alert the girls to that video of Ian? Does she want them to go to the police? For what purpose?

Watch Spencer wonder aloud about A's intentions in the latest sneak peek at "Careful What U Wish 4." It follows two other clips we've posted from the upcoming installment...

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If you look at beginning of the season. During the sleepover, hanna, aria and emily wake up and look around to see where Ali and Spencer went. And Spencer comes back and says " Ali is gone! ." I always thought Spencer might be hiding something...and she always looks like scared and worried. And a lot of things have been happening in Spencer's place more than in anyone else's house... i don't think Spencer killed Ali but she probably did something that she feels guilty for Ali's death. If you see her behaviour closely, you can get some ideas.


i think melissa is a....think about it. a lot of the creepy stuff has happened at spencer's house (laptop, lipstick, video, etc). and melissa is married to ian, so maybe she wants something from him (i.e. blackmail) so she married him with the intentions to send him to jail?


maybe Spence, wants to cover something that happened between her and Ali

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