New Smallville Season 10 Poster: Unveiled!

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We're about to head into the final home stretch for Smallville.

The show will kick off its concluding set of new episodes on January 28, as Clark Kent moves closer and closer to his destiny. How will the iconic series wrap up? Visit our Smallville spoilers section for a few teases.

Below, meanwhile, we've posted the newly-released poster for the second half of season 10. Does this give you any hints on what's about to go down?

Smallville Season 10 Poster

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I like this series sooo much.


doesn't want smallville to end, thinks a movie in the future should be considered! no clark, no green arrow truly is going to be a sad day................


Does anyone know when this poster will be available?


I WANT Clark to fly already! Tom is so hot! Perfect superman.


10 years of waiting to see our Smallville's Clark in his mythic costume! Can't wait!! Even if I really like what he is wearing in this season 10


It's perfect! Smallville is the best! :D


I love this poster too, especially how at the bottom of it you can see part of the blue and red Superman suit.


Tom Welling = WOW


He is beautiful...


It looks so amazing. I love it and cant wait tell it comes back :D


Smallville Quotes

I'm about as real as it gets.


Look, Clark, I'm your father. I'm supposed to have all the answers. It kills me that I don't, but you gotta have faith that we'll figure this thing out together.