One Tree Hill Review: Hungover... and Hilarious?

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The video cameras were finally back in Tree Hill, NC after the long winter hiatus, and it may have been enjoyable for the girls of Brooke's bachelor party, but not for viewers.

On "The Drinks We Drank Last Night," the show paid homage to The Hangover, but it was simply a sub-par knockoff of that classic comedy.

Bachelorette Party Time

One problem for me, which will come with plenty of boos and hisses from readers? I was not that big a fan of The Hangover.  Therefore, watching Brooke, Quinn and the gang stroll around town trying to remember everything that happened during their drunken escapades from the night before didn't do anything for me. 

Think about it: Watching Frank the Tank guzzle beers is hilarious in Old School because Will Ferrell is hysterical.  If the actors aren't funny, the scenes aren't going to be funny. So watching Alex, Millie, etc. remembering their evening just made me feel miserable for them.

Oh, look! There's a dog on a skateboard. Oh, look! Here's a picture of you drinking beer out of a boot.  This is something that doesn't translate to the screen very well.  When you were the one engaging in the activities, yes, I'm sure it's as funny as it gets, but watching others relive this time just doesn't make for good TV. The fact that there was so little screen time for the guys didn't help, either. Nathan and Julian need to be a main focus, or I'm going to lose interest quickly.

About halfway through the episode, I thought we were getting somewhere.  When the girls found out that they TP'd August Kellerman's house and stole his dog, I thought this story could tie things together well. 

Maybe have Nathan come into the fold and turn the second half of the episode into another plot dealing with Nate and Professor Kellerman?  That never materialized, other than a quick scene towards the end where Nathan proved to the teacher that he read his book.  It was nice to see Nate proving his point that he wasn't some dumb jock, but I wish it had taken more than one episode for him to get there.  How about a bit of a journey?

But what the episode was actually doing was slowly showing the quiet growth of Brooke's relationship with her soon-to-be mother-in-law.  After fighting week after week, we saw a glimpse of the positive relationship that could be there when Sylvia and Brooke had a nice moment talking about concerts and best friends (while Haley tried to find Brooke's ring at the arena).

Sylvia, Brooke... Dave

The ladies' relationship then hung in the balance as they did a quick flashback to the two of them screaming at each other the night before.  Brooke told Sylvia that she smothers Julian, and then Sylvia returned with the fact that Brooke is selfish and can never give Julian a family. 

The harsh words between them made it seem as if they were never going to work things out.  And that is what we like to call a nice build-up to a great payoff, because when Brooke finds out that Sylvia paid for and worked day and night on all of the beautiful wedding arrangements, it was a nice scene.  This is what One Tree Hill has always done well: emotional moments.

It is sad that Peyton and Lucas won't be in attendance at the wedding because baby Sawyer is sick, but it should be quite the extravaganza, as all Tree Hill weddings are.  Are you excited for the big day?

Other Thoughts

  • I smiled when I heard the song "Low" played during one of the flashbacks tonight because I immediately think of Tom Cruise dancing in Tropic Thunder.
  • The only part of the episode I really found funny was when Dave Navarro made it seem like he had sex with Alex and Brooke when he was really talking about a water balloon fight.  Both the timing by Navarro and the flashback made me chuckle.
  • The fact that Julian was the one Brooke had been kissing during her wild night was obvious, but I was expecting her to have actually lost the ring.  She's getting off to easy.
  • We've updated our One Tree Hill music section with the latest singles from the episode.


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Thus far TV series is one hell of a kind and blows off mind. I am truly inspired by the potential it contain for people growing or already grown and have growing children. The life and real life drama seems to be depicted on screen in its full measures. Hi-Five to the producer and the one who brought up the idea. Just wonder one thing though; why Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer are off the map. They were the life and soul of the whole drama and if say this series is nothing without them then I don't see a reason to contradict it. Other then its one big achievement.


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Quick question where is Clay? He's not my favorite character, but I find it strange that he's been m.i.a. lately. Is the actor working on a separate project.


I actually found this episode quite entertaining! I enjoyed it more than I have been enjoying the other episodes lately. :)


dudes it was awesome episode!!! that is that and if the reviewer wants to bag it then let him/her wont change my opinion


I always thought Hangover was pretty overrated, but this episode was okay, not great.


that episode was booring!


I loved last night's episode and I personally hated The Hangover (I didn't laugh once during the 1/2 hour I watched before shutting it off when I tried to watch it several months ago).. I knew it was Julian Brook was kissing but I still laughed out loud at many of the scenes!!! I think everyone involved did a fantastic job! Can't wait to see the wedding!!!


i liked the whole entire episode....until it got to the end.
one of my favorite parts of one tree hill has always been the relationship between brooke and peyton and to kind of completely bring an end to the friendship annoyed me. peyton and brooke spent plenty of years apart supposedly during the time between seasons 4 and 5 yet they still remained best friends. so it doesn't make sense to me that brooke would be over her friendship with peyton because peyton is busy with her family. that goes against everything that has happened in the whole series. maybe im just a little mad because i have always been hoping for a chad and hilarie return and i felt like this kind of closed the window for them to come back at all before the series ends.


It was just AMAZING!!! OTH is getting better and better in every Episode...We just have the old good One Tree Hill..The one we fell in love with!!!
I just hope it's not ending this year...I can't live without my weekly Episode!!!!

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To Brooke and her last night of freedom. It's her turn now.


Haley: Just read the book and forget about professor what's-his-face.
Nathan: Cellerman
Haley: Who?
Nathan: Cellerman
Haley: Who?
Nathan: Okay I'll read the book.

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