Sara Canning Teases Tension to Come on The Vampire Diaries

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For Jenna and Alaric, life can't be all ice cream bowls and shirtless scenes.

While this couple has grown closer on The Vampire Diaries, it's mostly done so off-screen. But Sara Canning says that will soon change when David Anders returns as John Gilbert and causes problems for her character, who remains in the dark about... pretty much everything in Mystic Falls.

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“We’ve seen to what degree already John affects Jenna," Canning told EW. "We know they’ve had a past relationship. We know that he’s making trouble for her in terms of guardianship of Elena and Jeremy... But I think the more significant thing that we’re gonna see is the tension that it puts on the relationship between Jenna and Alaric."

Producer Julie Plec has said John will return at some point next month.

As for another relationship, might we see more of Jenna and Elijah? The former believes the latter is simply a visiting author conducting research and...

"We’ll see that grow into something else," Canning teases. "And that is all I’m saying."

Rats! For a closer look at what's ahead, though, fans should visit our Vampire Diaries spoilers section.

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Jenna FINALLY has a storyline! Looking forward to it. I actually like her.


Ahhhh!!!can't wait for it to come bck,!!!!EXITED!!


Wait... I'm confused wasn't he killed?


Finally! She is getting a storyline and Alaric can go back to teaming up with Damon because Stefan and Damon is nothing comparable to Alaric and Damon.

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